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Running For Beginners

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Running is a great way to lose weight and build your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Running for beginners may seen challenging, but there are ways to ease into it so that it isn’t too hard. It is possible to move from being a newbie runner to an experienced runner in minimal time.

Ease into It

Easing into running helps the body to slowly adapt and not become overworked. Someone who wishes to run can head outside and run as long as they can before getting out of breathe, and then stop. If this is done five to six days a week, the endurance will build and soon the runner will find himself lasting for half an hour to an hour at a time without running out of breath.

Stretching after every run ensures that beginners wont feel too much pain in the day following a run. Simple stretches like bending down to touch the toes for 30 seconds can make a world of difference. Runners should research the various methods of stretching to make sure that they are loosening up the various leg muscles.

Buy the Proper Gear

A big mistake that many beginning runners make is to run without the proper gear. Shoes made for runners is an essential. Without proper shoes, running can quickly lead to knee and ankle injuries. Shoes should provide proper ankle and arch support. These shoes may be a bit expensive, but using shoes without support can quickly kill any efforts to run.

Make It a Hobby, Not a Chore

Making running fun turns the activity into a hobby instead of a chore. This might mean a runner wearing an MP3 player to listen to her favorite songs while she runs. Maybe it means running only on scenic routes to enjoy the look and smells of nature. Some people choose to run with a buddy. This is a good option, as it gives runners someone to talk to and something to take their mind off of the task at hand.

Even if this sport is exhausting in the first few days or weeks, it will eventually become easier and more enjoyable. Running for beginners completely shocks the body into adapting to extreme cardiovascular activity, in turn strengthening the heart and raising the endurance. Someone who wants to run on a regular basis should just stick to it, and soon they will begin to see their body change.

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  1. Bea Patrick on December 20th, 2010

    A 4 day per week running schedule is optimal for a majority of “I-Have-A-Real-Life-Thank-You-Very-Much” runners. You can get all the mileage you need as a beginning to mid-level runner in 4 days. Adding more days, or more mileage will help you improve, but also introduces a higher likelihood of injury.

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