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Pull Up Bar: A Great 3-Step Exercise

Doorway pull up bar

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Pull up bars provide an easy to learn 3-step exercise that helps to strengthen the arms, back and neck by using the body’s own natural weight.

To correctly perform a pull up exercise, you should stand directly underneath the pull up bar. A pull up bar is often installed in a doorway or can be a separate piece of exercise equipment known as a free standing pull up bar. Any pull up bar must be positioned at least 7 feet above the floor so that once you are hanging from it, your feet are not touching the floor.

The first step involves gripping the bar with both hands, which can be done in one of two ways. In an overhand grip, the palms of the hands grip the pull up bar facing away from you, with the thumbs of both hands pointing toward each other on the bar. In an underhanded grip, the palms of the hands face toward you as you grip the bar, with the thumbs pointing away from other other.

Once you grip the bar, you simply straighten both arms and hang from the bar with as minimal movement as possible. Do not sway or rock the body back and forth while hanging from the pull up bar. Keep your knees and leg straight and your back straight but not arched.

Now comes the most challenging step, bending your arms and lifting your chest up to reach the bar. Once your chest has reached the bar, take a second or two, then lower your body back down to the hanging position and continue reaching up to the bar for several more sets.

A pull up bar meant to be installed at the top of a doorway or a free standing pull up bar are both good investments as exercise equipment. When done on a regular basis, the pull up is an exercise that is easy to learn and you get effective results, strengthening of the upper body and the core muscles.

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