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Pedometer Weight Loss Program

pedometerstacksmall.jpgA few people have asked me about my walk off your weight program.

It is a simple step by step plan for losing weight by walking. A pedometer helps by measuring the number of steps you take each day – and you help yourself by gradually increasing that number 🙂

Though the plan was kept exclusively for my private weight loss clients until very recently, I decided at the beginning of December that others might appreciate this program especially in these credit crunch times when a hefty gym membership fee might be out of reach.

Since then I’ve expanded it for general consumption and released it out into the world for those who need a low-cost way to get fit and lose weight.

UPDATE 2012: This program is now available on Amazon either as a downloadable Kindle book or as a paperback. See details here.

Walk Off Weight With Your Pedometer

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One Response to “Pedometer Weight Loss Program”

  1. Keeley on January 21st, 2009

    What a great idea! I sit at a desk all day at work but on my coffee breaks i usually walk round the building to stretch my legs and if i had a pedometer i would be able to see how many steps i am doing each day then try to increase it, i could even start walking to work. If i combined this with the program the weight will soon drop off and i will feel fit.

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