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Olympic Weights Set

Olympic Weights

York Barbell 300 lb Olympic Weight Set With Bar and Collars FREE SHIPPING (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Resistance training or weight lifting presents an opportunity for people to improve their physical fitness. The weights’ mass provides a force that resists the muscle’s ability to contract. This causes muscles to work, and results in muscle growth as well as an increase in strength. This short and high intensity muscle movement is called anaerobic exercise. Olympic weights provide one option for weight training.

Weight training that utilizes free-weights has advantages over weight machines. The weights cost less, and they are easier to move. They require less space in the house. Individuals lifting free-weights utilize more stabilizing muscles, improve their body’s balance and the lifting action follows a more natural movement. Machines offer fewer exercise options, and limit workout flexibility. With free-weights the athlete trains with a complete movement, and doesn’t just build strength.

Olympic weight plates differ from standard free-weight plates in a couple of ways. The Olympic plate has a bigger hole in the center of the plate, 2 inches instead of 1 inch. The larger hole accommodates a sturdier bar, allowing the weight lifter to work with greater weight. Also, Olympic weight manufacturers produce plates calibrated closer to the labeled weight.

In addition to weight plates, minimally, weight lifters need a bar, bench and spring collars. It might be best for beginners to buy a complete olympic weight set. The 7 foot bar has wider circumference and sturdier than the standard bar. It also weighs more, about 45 pounds. A set comes with about 160 pounds of weights, and two collars. Buy the spring collars; they are easier to work with than setscrew collars. The collars hold the weights on the bar. You also need an olympic weight bench. It is sturdier than a standard bench.

Olympic weights and weight lifting help people improve their lean body mass, or muscle. This increases the body’s basic metabolic index (BMI), and allows the body to burn more calories, keeping you slim as well as healthy. To be fully fit you will need to add aerobic exercise to your routines. You can run outside or buy a treadmill for use at home. If that is beyond your budget think about treadmill hire to give you a treadmill at home without a huge outlay.

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