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New Balance: Shoes For All Levels Of Fitness

The Complete Guide to Walking : For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness (Walking Magazine)

The Complete Guide to Walking : For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness (Walking Magazine)

Whether you are just starting out a new fitness routine or if you are an experienced pro, one of the most important lessons is having quality gear. Like a tennis player with a faulty racquet or a baseball player with a bat that’s too heavy, the wrong gear is going to start you off on the wrong foot. For walkers or runners, the most important gear we can have is our shoes. But there are so many different styles and brands of shoes that it can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the brands I recommend the most is New Balance. New Balance provides a wide variety of walking and running shoes for many different levels of athlete. They also have some of the best fitting shoes, because so many of them come in variable widths and additional sizes.

For those just starting out as walkers, I recommend the New Balance 925 walking shoes. They are some of the softest and most stable shoes on the market – and have been a staple for walkers since they were introduced in 2003. These are some of the best beginner shoes, and the velcro model is particularly helpful for those walkers that have arthritis and can have a tough time with laces. The padding around the entire foot keeps the entire foot well cushioned, and the leather upper keeps you nice and dry as you’re power walking through those puddles in the neighborhood.

For experienced runners, the New Balance 991 running shoes may be more your style. These are running shoes with a mesh cloth upper that allows for excellent breathability as you are putting the miles on. While they don’t have quite as much cushioning around the outside as the foot as the 925s, the New Balance 991s have plenty of cushioning where it counts. They have a specially designed orthotic insole that provides support enough even for many that have previously had trouble with their plantar fascia.

Both the New Balance 925 and New Balance 991s come in multiple fits that provide for an individual fit for optimal performance.

These are just a couple examples of the types of shoes that New Balance has to offer. They have many more that suit everything from trail running to speed training and track shoes – all of which come with the comfort and support that the 925 and 991 demonstrate.