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Triathlon Shorts

Pearl iZUMi Mens Triathalon Tri Cycling Short

Pearl iZUMi Mens Triathalon Tri Cycling Short

A triathlon is a sport which requires immense physical strength as it consists of three different events – swimming, cycling and running. The selection of triathlon shorts play a very important role and directly affect the overall performance of an athlete.

There are different types of gear available in the market at various price and quality levels but you should buy the one which fits you comfortably. The selection of tri shorts should be such that you should be able to wear them for all the events. For example, if you select a loose short you may be comfortable with it while running but during swimming they will cost you valuable time. Similarly after swimming you will want your shorts to dry quickly so that you are comfortable wearing them for the next event. Hence the material of the shorts should be such that it dries quickly.

Should I go for a tri suit or shorts? This is a question asked most commonly by athletes participating in a triathlon. Although suits are comfortable they have their disadvantages over the shorts. Suits are more expensive as compared to shorts and you don’t need a suit if the water is not very cold. Secondly you can change your shorts quickly in case of emergency during the event which cannot be done by a suit as it will take more time.

Triathlon shorts could cost you around $40-$55 in the market, however there are more advanced products priced above $100 which offer additional features such as better fabric, better comfort and better speed in air and water. There are many places buy triathlon shorts online but my personal suggestion would be to go to a sports shop and pick up your shorts. The reason being that when you pick up a tri shorts the most important factor you need to check is how they fit on your body. If you buy tri shorts online make sure that the site has a good returns policy so you can easily send shorts back which do not fit well.

Also make sure you buy good quality triathlon shorts. Look for the features rather than deciding on price alone. Remember triathlon is an extremely high endurance race and it requires the best clothing gear to help you do your best.