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Swiss Ball : The Best Abdominal Machine?

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

The person who is satisfied with their abdominal section is rare – or at least under 25 and if female, never had a child. That is why there are a ridiculous amount of abdominal machines on the market. Even those who are slender could use some toning up.

However, most of the machines are on the market are a joke. For example, the ab chairs, really do nothing for your abs. They have arm rests and often spring loaded backs that take all the work out of the workout, minimizing any effects that might be seen. Furthermore, most of the machines advertise full range of motion when they truth is that a 30 degree angle for a crunch is really all you need to work your abdominals. Any more than that and you begin to work the deeper muscles in your hips and are more likely to injure neck muscles.

The best abdominal machine on the market is the one that you will see in almost every gym, and it is one of the least expensive options. It is the swiss ball. It gives you a better workout than just doing crunches on the floor because you have to engage multiple muscles to stabilize yourself on the ball.

There are numerous exercises you can do on a swiss ball to strengthen your entire core region. Also, with a little extra equipment (some bands or dumbbells) you can use the swiss ball to tone and strengthen the rest of your body as well. Most swiss balls come with a demonstration video, but there are also numerous short demonstration videos you can find online with a simple google search. You can purchase these balls at any sports store as well as stores such as Target, Walmart, and Ross. Be sure that you purchase the correct ball for your height to get the maximum benefit.