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What are the ideal running shoes for women?

womens running shoes

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Women runners can encounter foot injuries due to the circumstances of the land. They may encounter uneven pavement, potholes or invisible objects. Consequently, they must be careful about choosing their own running shoes for women.

These are the criteria that you should consider before purchasing your footwear :

Shoes use

How can you actively use your shoes? The woman who runs 25 miles or more per week should have more durable shoes than a woman who runs a shorter distance. Once you can answer that, start seeking a particular style of footwear that suits you. First, you need to answer “What type of journey I intend to use these shoes?” I will work on the pavement and gravel? They will be used on a road with a rocky terrain? Will I run in the rain? These circumstances would define the type of footwear that I need.


The most important question that woman’s shoe should answer is, whether or not it ensures the safety, durability and comfort, and if it’s made from quality materials to provide the needed support to the arch.


Your shoes should not feel as if they can slip during the movement. Since the shape of your body moves when you run, the heel should be well rolled between the feet and shoes, and should be able to absorb the shock on the joints.


You also need shoes with good air circulation. Without proper ventilation, your feet will be exposed to moisture in the shoe that encourages the growth of certain bacteria.


Choose a shoe that feels lighter. Even a good pair of shoes offered for sale with a cost of $ 50.00 – $ 100.00 would be perfect. These are relatively cheap, but they can do the deal. We could recommend you Adidas or Reebok running shoes if you want to make a good purchase.

Be rational while buying your shoes. You may be fascinated by the colors and sleek design, but remember that you should be looking for the right kind of shoes that insures support, cushioning and enough air flow.

Guide to Trail Running Shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Getting a pair of off road running shoes is a great investment if you’re spending time off the normal tarmac and wishing to get out and do some cross country running. Not only are they more able to stand up to the harsher environment that trail running delivers to your city sneakers but they are also a lot more able to protect your feet from damage and wet muddy conditions that lay underfoot. What’s the point in ruining a perfectly good pair of stability running shoes if you’re going to slog through track and quagmire for thrill seeking and exhilaration? I’ve a pair of what were my favourite Asics Gel Nimbus that were totally ruined from many trail running sessions during one incredibly wet spring. It may have been fun but 100 bucks down the drain because they just didn’t stand up to challenge.

So the best trail running shoes for women are Adidas Kanadia. I love these sports shoes as they are low profile which means your closer to the earth; they afford you the ability to be surefooted by being more in contact with the ground. You’re less likely to go over on an ankle whilst trail running, this is also due the wider sole as it gives more surface area to grip onto wet and muddy ground. The sole is also really good for traction. Adidas have made the Kanadia with a real rugged, indented sole; one that will really hold you fast to the ground.

Asics trainers have some really great trail running shoes, their Asics GT 2150 trail shoe is a real robust stability running shoe with all the features you want in a decent trail running shoe. They’re durable, with good toe protection, they have a nice upper that is easy to clean the mud from and dry quickly.

If you want to buy running shoes but are looking for something a little different then you should have a look at the barefoot running shoes. The Vibram Five Fingers or toes shoes are an ingenious approach to the idea of running. Vibram fivefingers have developed a number of designs from the KSO to the Bikila, all with the approach that it is much better for the body to be able to run in the way that evolution designed us. All we need is a good protective layer underfoot and we are able to run with the freedom of our childhood. The individual toes allow better grip to surfaces and the lack of padding in the heel prevents the body from being too comfortable in a heel strike pattern (not good for the body). Barefoot shoes allow the foot, ankles and lower leg to strengthen due to the engagement of muscles, giving us a greater sense of balance.

Whichever type of off road running shoes you decide on, traditional or new there is plenty on the market for you. Trail running can take over as a passion, the freedom of running in the wild gives energy and strength. Have a go with the barefoot running shoes and see if the 5 fingers can make your enjoyment even greater of the outdoors.

Guest Post by Anne Miller

Asics Gel Kayano 15 – The Best Running Shoes for Women

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe

Although the generation of women Kayano 15 Essex was on the market for more than a year now (release date was January 2009), it stills one of the best running shoes for women sold in the category of ladies shoes. In fact, in Amazon, it is now n. 1 in the running category of women shoes, as well as in the running footwear category. But what does make these shoes so popular? Why do runners continue to buy them? Should we buy them too?

In most cases, Kayano Essex 15 falls into the category of stability shoes. But what is a stability shoe?

You should know that most people (80-85%) are moderate overpronators. The arch rolls inward while running, and because of the knees and joints, the back of the leg tends to absorb the shock during the execution.

Overpronation can cause several injuries, so bringing the right kind of shoes can help prevent them. Stability shoes are built to reduce pronation. Essex Kayano 15 received the best of reviews (and continue to do so) for several reasons. As people like to increase the padding, Essex added more gel in the heel for startup. Thus, these shoes offer great cushioning effect that reduces pain after a good start. Many candidates recommend this shoe to extend over long distances. Others are so addicted to these shoes: they bought the Asics Gel Kayano 14 and now they have the 15 version. They wear this footwear everywhere, even in their job (and it seems they are very good if your job requires much standing and walking).

Asics Gel Kayano 15 women shoes are available in three attractive colors (white / orchid, white / ice blue, white / red).

In November 2009, a version of 16 Kayanos gel has been released, thus Kayanos generation 15 prices went down ever since. Now you can find these unique running shoes for women at discounted prices too (from $ 55.98), although some colors / sizes are sold outside groups.

New Balance: Shoes For All Levels Of Fitness

The Complete Guide to Walking : For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness (Walking Magazine)

The Complete Guide to Walking : For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness (Walking Magazine)

Whether you are just starting out a new fitness routine or if you are an experienced pro, one of the most important lessons is having quality gear. Like a tennis player with a faulty racquet or a baseball player with a bat that’s too heavy, the wrong gear is going to start you off on the wrong foot. For walkers or runners, the most important gear we can have is our shoes. But there are so many different styles and brands of shoes that it can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the brands I recommend the most is New Balance. New Balance provides a wide variety of walking and running shoes for many different levels of athlete. They also have some of the best fitting shoes, because so many of them come in variable widths and additional sizes.

For those just starting out as walkers, I recommend the New Balance 925 walking shoes. They are some of the softest and most stable shoes on the market – and have been a staple for walkers since they were introduced in 2003. These are some of the best beginner shoes, and the velcro model is particularly helpful for those walkers that have arthritis and can have a tough time with laces. The padding around the entire foot keeps the entire foot well cushioned, and the leather upper keeps you nice and dry as you’re power walking through those puddles in the neighborhood.

For experienced runners, the New Balance 991 running shoes may be more your style. These are running shoes with a mesh cloth upper that allows for excellent breathability as you are putting the miles on. While they don’t have quite as much cushioning around the outside as the foot as the 925s, the New Balance 991s have plenty of cushioning where it counts. They have a specially designed orthotic insole that provides support enough even for many that have previously had trouble with their plantar fascia.

Both the New Balance 925 and New Balance 991s come in multiple fits that provide for an individual fit for optimal performance.

These are just a couple examples of the types of shoes that New Balance has to offer. They have many more that suit everything from trail running to speed training and track shoes – all of which come with the comfort and support that the 925 and 991 demonstrate.

Choose the Right Girls Running Shoes

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance

Most sports, indeed most things in life, require a set of tools in order to prevent accidental injuries from occurring. In football, it’s helmets and loads of pads; in boxing, it’s gloves and gum shields, and in some cases head guards; and even golfers wear a glove to prevent blisters, as well as helping with grip. So it stands to reason that runners should wear appropriate footwear to prevent injuries to their feet. For female athletes, it is crucial that the right girls running shoes are selected, because the female anatomy is substantially different to that of the male. The anatomical differences are centered around the hips, which in women are generally wider, and this creates a wider angle with the knee, which produces a greater potential for strained joints than would be the case for a man.

It is common for female athletes to have flat feet or higher arches and both of these tend to complicate matters even further, making injuries during running far more likely. The most frequently encountered problems are ankle and knee joint sprains and strains, and sore feet when running, usually due to damage of the ligaments or cracked bones. But with the correct running shoes, almost all of these difficulties can be conquered. It is important for girls with flat feet to buy running shoes that offer some extra stability, and which protect the bones in the feet from injury through the constant pounding they get during a long jogging session. Similarly, although the problem is the direct opposite, female runners with high arches need shoes that will provide extra flexibility, cushioning and support.

Your first stop if you are a new runner and want to make sure you have the right shoes is to go to your local running supplies store. You can find out what type of shoes you will need from the staff, who will normally be able to carry out a gait analysis; though you will most likely already know if you have flat feet or high arches. The big shoe manufacturers have ranges specifically designed for flat feet (in running jargon this is called overpronation), or high arches where your feet will have a tendency to roll outwards during your stride (called supination or underpronation). If you are lucky and do not suffer from either of these problems, then you will get to choose from a large range of girls neutral running shoes.

So to avoid injuries by choosing the right footwear, make sure you know what your feet do during the stride; are they collapsing inwards or rolling outwards? Then get the shoes that correct your particular problem. If your problem is severe, and you still find running painful on the joints, your next stop should be a professional who can make an assessment, and you will be able to get orthotic inserts for your shoes to ensure your feet and joints all align properly when running.

Chi Running for Weight Loss. What Shoes?

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

Lots of people choose running or jogging as a way to boost the number of calories they burn each day and help improve their cardiovascular health. Running is the original exercise -our ancestors have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years before anybody had enough to eat to become obese. You’d think for that reason that we’d be better at it by now, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Indeed, the number of injuries caused by running are astronomical! If you think about it, it make sense, every step causes stress on joints from the lower back to the ankles.

As the trend towards running got going in the 70’s, shoe makers like Nike kept putting more and more cushioning in their shoes, ending up with soles completely covered in air pockets and foam. Recently shoe manufacturers have gone just the opposite way, with a company called Vibram making a shoe that actually has no cushioning and individual toe pockets! Of course, there are thousands of types of shoes in between these two extremes, but it does leave a new runner wondering what the right answer is. the latest idea is to fundamentally change the mechanics of running, and this is where Chi Running comes in.

Chi running is a style that mixes in principles of Tai Chi and Yoga into regular training. Philosophically, the runner should think in terms of efficiency, cadence and  mindfulness. Less theoretically, the runner should be keeping their body leading so as to fall into the stride, they should be performing body loosening exercises before the run, and they should be using a mid foot strike. In this type of footfall, the ball of your foot lands first.

As you might guess, a shoe manufacturer, New Balance (the same company who makes the famous New Balance 991) has created a shoe just for Chi Running, the New Balance 801. While these don’t have individual toe pockets, (which would take some getting used to), they have been designed specifically for mid foot strikers, which is the right design for Chi running shoes, without going too far away from traditional foot gear.

Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost Running Shoes (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

Many people are fond of entering road running competitions. They can be professional runners who are up for long marathons, or they can be passionate runners who join simply for fun. Whichever group you belong, it is necessary to equip yourself with the right running shoes intended for road running. Among the diverse variety of running shoes available in the market, the Brooks Ghost running shoes paved its way as the best shoes for road runners.

Since runners stride on a concrete road or pavement, the road can put more stress on the feet, as well as, the knees and lower back of the runner. They are more prone to injuries than when running on a dirt path or grass. Aside from that, runners will have to deal with varied surfaces, and sharp bends when road running. Thus, it is important to have the right pair of shoes to protect runners from various kinds of running injuries.

With the technological advancement in the Brooks Company, they were able to produce highly superior Brooks Ghost running shoes during the year 2008. These shoes were said to be the lightest and fastest shoes they had ever made. Brooks Ghost running shoes is under the neutral and cushioning type of running shoes. It produces a smooth and quick stride that makes runners feel as they are floating when running.

Due to its exceptional cushioning capability, it can provide the utmost comfort to runners even when running at a very fast pace. This is attributed to the eco-friendly BioMogo soles that can also be seen on Brooks Glycerin 8. These soles reduce the impact on the feet while running on a concrete pavement. Serving as a shock absorber, the Hydroflow system can lessen the fatigue experienced by the runners. Other than that, it has an innovative S-257 Cushsole that promotes excellent foot control and maximum flexibility. It also prevents mechanical twisting of the feet and shoes due to its Dual Density Accel Thermoplastic arch that promotes stability and support to the feet.

Another great thing about the Brooks Ghost 12 is that it is made with highly breathable polyester mesh uppers that promote appropriate ventilation to keep sweat moisture away from the feet, and if not, dry them quickly. It has washable Ortholite foam beds to keep the shoes clean and inhibit odor. These shoes do not pick up stones or pebbles while running. Thus, it provides smooth running transitions.

Indeed, if you want to feel like floating in the air, rather than actually running in a road race, then perhaps you might want to try these Brooks Ghost running shoes for a better and safer road running experience.