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Running For Beginners

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Running is a great way to lose weight and build your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Running for beginners may seen challenging, but there are ways to ease into it so that it isn’t too hard. It is possible to move from being a newbie runner to an experienced runner in minimal time.

Ease into It

Easing into running helps the body to slowly adapt and not become overworked. Someone who wishes to run can head outside and run as long as they can before getting out of breathe, and then stop. If this is done five to six days a week, the endurance will build and soon the runner will find himself lasting for half an hour to an hour at a time without running out of breath.

Stretching after every run ensures that beginners wont feel too much pain in the day following a run. Simple stretches like bending down to touch the toes for 30 seconds can make a world of difference. Runners should research the various methods of stretching to make sure that they are loosening up the various leg muscles.

Buy the Proper Gear

A big mistake that many beginning runners make is to run without the proper gear. Shoes made for runners is an essential. Without proper shoes, running can quickly lead to knee and ankle injuries. Shoes should provide proper ankle and arch support. These shoes may be a bit expensive, but using shoes without support can quickly kill any efforts to run.

Make It a Hobby, Not a Chore

Making running fun turns the activity into a hobby instead of a chore. This might mean a runner wearing an MP3 player to listen to her favorite songs while she runs. Maybe it means running only on scenic routes to enjoy the look and smells of nature. Some people choose to run with a buddy. This is a good option, as it gives runners someone to talk to and something to take their mind off of the task at hand.

Even if this sport is exhausting in the first few days or weeks, it will eventually become easier and more enjoyable. Running for beginners completely shocks the body into adapting to extreme cardiovascular activity, in turn strengthening the heart and raising the endurance. Someone who wants to run on a regular basis should just stick to it, and soon they will begin to see their body change.

What are the ideal running shoes for women?

womens running shoes

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Women runners can encounter foot injuries due to the circumstances of the land. They may encounter uneven pavement, potholes or invisible objects. Consequently, they must be careful about choosing their own running shoes for women.

These are the criteria that you should consider before purchasing your footwear :

Shoes use

How can you actively use your shoes? The woman who runs 25 miles or more per week should have more durable shoes than a woman who runs a shorter distance. Once you can answer that, start seeking a particular style of footwear that suits you. First, you need to answer “What type of journey I intend to use these shoes?” I will work on the pavement and gravel? They will be used on a road with a rocky terrain? Will I run in the rain? These circumstances would define the type of footwear that I need.


The most important question that woman’s shoe should answer is, whether or not it ensures the safety, durability and comfort, and if it’s made from quality materials to provide the needed support to the arch.


Your shoes should not feel as if they can slip during the movement. Since the shape of your body moves when you run, the heel should be well rolled between the feet and shoes, and should be able to absorb the shock on the joints.


You also need shoes with good air circulation. Without proper ventilation, your feet will be exposed to moisture in the shoe that encourages the growth of certain bacteria.


Choose a shoe that feels lighter. Even a good pair of shoes offered for sale with a cost of $ 50.00 – $ 100.00 would be perfect. These are relatively cheap, but they can do the deal. We could recommend you Adidas or Reebok running shoes if you want to make a good purchase.

Be rational while buying your shoes. You may be fascinated by the colors and sleek design, but remember that you should be looking for the right kind of shoes that insures support, cushioning and enough air flow.

Guide to Trail Running Shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Getting a pair of off road running shoes is a great investment if you’re spending time off the normal tarmac and wishing to get out and do some cross country running. Not only are they more able to stand up to the harsher environment that trail running delivers to your city sneakers but they are also a lot more able to protect your feet from damage and wet muddy conditions that lay underfoot. What’s the point in ruining a perfectly good pair of stability running shoes if you’re going to slog through track and quagmire for thrill seeking and exhilaration? I’ve a pair of what were my favourite Asics Gel Nimbus that were totally ruined from many trail running sessions during one incredibly wet spring. It may have been fun but 100 bucks down the drain because they just didn’t stand up to challenge.

So the best trail running shoes for women are Adidas Kanadia. I love these sports shoes as they are low profile which means your closer to the earth; they afford you the ability to be surefooted by being more in contact with the ground. You’re less likely to go over on an ankle whilst trail running, this is also due the wider sole as it gives more surface area to grip onto wet and muddy ground. The sole is also really good for traction. Adidas have made the Kanadia with a real rugged, indented sole; one that will really hold you fast to the ground.

Asics trainers have some really great trail running shoes, their Asics GT 2150 trail shoe is a real robust stability running shoe with all the features you want in a decent trail running shoe. They’re durable, with good toe protection, they have a nice upper that is easy to clean the mud from and dry quickly.

If you want to buy running shoes but are looking for something a little different then you should have a look at the barefoot running shoes. The Vibram Five Fingers or toes shoes are an ingenious approach to the idea of running. Vibram fivefingers have developed a number of designs from the KSO to the Bikila, all with the approach that it is much better for the body to be able to run in the way that evolution designed us. All we need is a good protective layer underfoot and we are able to run with the freedom of our childhood. The individual toes allow better grip to surfaces and the lack of padding in the heel prevents the body from being too comfortable in a heel strike pattern (not good for the body). Barefoot shoes allow the foot, ankles and lower leg to strengthen due to the engagement of muscles, giving us a greater sense of balance.

Whichever type of off road running shoes you decide on, traditional or new there is plenty on the market for you. Trail running can take over as a passion, the freedom of running in the wild gives energy and strength. Have a go with the barefoot running shoes and see if the 5 fingers can make your enjoyment even greater of the outdoors.

Guest Post by Anne Miller

Running Headphones

running headphones

Sennheiser PMX80 Eco Friendly Sport Headphones (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Running headphones aren’t made just for runners. They are also a perfect fit for people in need of a longer, tougher work-out, fitting perfectly with their work-out regime. The music coming from those running headphones help drive people to work harder and it makes exercise a more enjoyable experience. The music alone is beneficial to a work-out regime, but so are good quality headphones that won’t fly off the head with every movement.

It may be the music that spurs people to work hard in a work-out, but not all headphones will work well for this purpose. Ordinary headphones that are most often used with radios or MP3 players can become a hindrance rather than a help. They do have their purpose, but they are not designed to withstand all the joggling and jiggling people do when working out. Ordinary headphones were designed for bus-sitting, desk-sitting and beach-laying. Aside from walking, they are generally made to be worn in more sedentary situations. The ear buds on these headphones can, and often do, fall out when running or bending over and the headphones themselves can more easily slip off the head.

Running headphones, however, are made especially for runners and athletes of all kinds. They are designed to hold up well when people are active. Running headphones are light enough that the wearer barely knows he has them on. There is no added weight, or discomfort to his head, a distraction which could otherwise easily take him out of his “zone.” And there are some running headphones designed in a manner that does not absorb human sweat, which is inevitable with a good work-out. This adds significantly to the comfort and longevity of the headphones.

Runners love them because the stay firmly on the head and the runner doesn’t have to make constant adjustments. Quality sports headphones have the ability to absorb the physical impact of jogging and exercise, and they will serve the wearer well in the long run, making them a good investment.

Runners and all people who work out should always consider using the right equipment for their work-out or sport. This ensures them they are getting the most out of their time in exercise with their eyes clearly on the prize.

Guest Post from Running Headphones Central.

Treadmill Running vs. Running Outdoors

Lore of running

Lore of Running

Running is a very popular form of exercise and why not, it doesn’t require any expensive equipment and it’s one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. Some day you may be faced with the question of if you should run on a treadmill or outdoors. There are a number of differences between the two which are discussed below.

Impact on your joints: Both running on a treadmill and running outdoors are going to have some level of impact on your joints. The more expensive treadmills have a high degree of cushion and put a lot less pressure on your joints than running on asphalt. However, running on grass has less impact than treadmills.

Efficiency: Since a treadmill provides some assistance by pushing your feet back you are working less than if you were running outside where you have to use all your energy to push off the ground to move yourself forward. There is also wind resistance which requires you to exert more energy outdoors.

Convenience and privacy: A treadmill is much more convenient and private than running outdoors. You can jump on it at anytime, rain or shine, and you can watch your favorite television show too. The convenience and privacy alone can save your running program especially on those days when you don’t feel like going out on public display or when it’s extremely hot out or pouring rain.

Cost: A good electric treadmill can be expensive. The cheap treadmills have less cushion making them tougher on your joints. For those who can’t afford a treadmill but would like the convenience of knowing how many miles they’ve run, at what speed, their heart rate, etc. should think about purchasing a GPS watch which can be purchased for as cheap as $100. Treadmills can also take up space so if you don’t have a lot of room in your home you might want to stick to outdoor running.

Safety: Those that live in the city are better off running on a treadmill for safety from lots of traffic and pollution. It is especially important not to be breathing in chemicals when you are exercising as you are breathing heavily.

Good Running Tips for Beginners

The Runners Training Diary For Dummies

The Runner's Training Diary For Dummies

As we all know, exercising the body is great for your health. Science has concluded that it reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as blood sugar problems and other diseases. People who get consistent exercise are also happier than people who don’t. Running is a great way to get this exercise without paying for a gym membership. What makes it even better is the fact that you only need a pair of feet and good shoes to get started. Here you can find some good running tips to help you have a great workout.

Proper Nutrition

What you eat will strongly affect how much you get out of running. To make sure you get all the essential nutrients, eat whole foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, and some animal protein. Make sure you get enough protein, but don’t overdo it. Hydration is essential to success. To make sure you have a healthy fluid balance, bring a sports drink or bottle of water on your run with you. This is not a matter of choice. If you want the best results, you must stay hydrated.


Anyone can go for a run once. But if you want to make it a lasting habit, you need motivation. Here’s what you can do to motivate yourself. Set inspiring goals. Feel your goal vividly. Imagine what you would feel like after losing those extra pounds and getting fit.

Imagine how it would look to see attractive people checking you out. Make sure you engage all your senses in this way. In addition, you must use short-term goals as well. These must be easy and small. For example, “I will go out today and run for 30 minutes in the park”. And then once you actually do it, reward yourself right away. Chose your rewards wisely. Using junk food as reinforcement is like building a brick wall and then slowly tearing it down to congratulate yourself. A pat on the back is a better idea.

Also chart your progress with a running training diary to help you see that you are improving in distance and speed over time as your fitness improves.

Find (Or Create) a Support Group

Human beings are social animals, and we can achieve in a social setting too. If your place of residence has a running club, join it. If it doesn’t, you can ask anyone you know if they run. Friends, family, coworkers or classmates, you are bound to find someone. The important thing is to find at least one person who wants to run consistently as much as you do, and support each other to reach your goals faster.

These are all useful running tips, but knowledge is no substitute for action. If you truly want to be a runner, you have to start. Stop making excuses, turn the TV off, and just do it. Once you have taken action, you have completed the hardest step. Run consistently, and you will succeed.

For more great tips about fitness equipment and exercise, go to Ellipticals and Exercise, where you will find loads of information on a variety of fitness topics.

Choose the Right Girls Running Shoes

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance

Most sports, indeed most things in life, require a set of tools in order to prevent accidental injuries from occurring. In football, it’s helmets and loads of pads; in boxing, it’s gloves and gum shields, and in some cases head guards; and even golfers wear a glove to prevent blisters, as well as helping with grip. So it stands to reason that runners should wear appropriate footwear to prevent injuries to their feet. For female athletes, it is crucial that the right girls running shoes are selected, because the female anatomy is substantially different to that of the male. The anatomical differences are centered around the hips, which in women are generally wider, and this creates a wider angle with the knee, which produces a greater potential for strained joints than would be the case for a man.

It is common for female athletes to have flat feet or higher arches and both of these tend to complicate matters even further, making injuries during running far more likely. The most frequently encountered problems are ankle and knee joint sprains and strains, and sore feet when running, usually due to damage of the ligaments or cracked bones. But with the correct running shoes, almost all of these difficulties can be conquered. It is important for girls with flat feet to buy running shoes that offer some extra stability, and which protect the bones in the feet from injury through the constant pounding they get during a long jogging session. Similarly, although the problem is the direct opposite, female runners with high arches need shoes that will provide extra flexibility, cushioning and support.

Your first stop if you are a new runner and want to make sure you have the right shoes is to go to your local running supplies store. You can find out what type of shoes you will need from the staff, who will normally be able to carry out a gait analysis; though you will most likely already know if you have flat feet or high arches. The big shoe manufacturers have ranges specifically designed for flat feet (in running jargon this is called overpronation), or high arches where your feet will have a tendency to roll outwards during your stride (called supination or underpronation). If you are lucky and do not suffer from either of these problems, then you will get to choose from a large range of girls neutral running shoes.

So to avoid injuries by choosing the right footwear, make sure you know what your feet do during the stride; are they collapsing inwards or rolling outwards? Then get the shoes that correct your particular problem. If your problem is severe, and you still find running painful on the joints, your next stop should be a professional who can make an assessment, and you will be able to get orthotic inserts for your shoes to ensure your feet and joints all align properly when running.

Chi Running for Weight Loss. What Shoes?

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

Lots of people choose running or jogging as a way to boost the number of calories they burn each day and help improve their cardiovascular health. Running is the original exercise -our ancestors have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years before anybody had enough to eat to become obese. You’d think for that reason that we’d be better at it by now, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Indeed, the number of injuries caused by running are astronomical! If you think about it, it make sense, every step causes stress on joints from the lower back to the ankles.

As the trend towards running got going in the 70’s, shoe makers like Nike kept putting more and more cushioning in their shoes, ending up with soles completely covered in air pockets and foam. Recently shoe manufacturers have gone just the opposite way, with a company called Vibram making a shoe that actually has no cushioning and individual toe pockets! Of course, there are thousands of types of shoes in between these two extremes, but it does leave a new runner wondering what the right answer is. the latest idea is to fundamentally change the mechanics of running, and this is where Chi Running comes in.

Chi running is a style that mixes in principles of Tai Chi and Yoga into regular training. Philosophically, the runner should think in terms of efficiency, cadence and  mindfulness. Less theoretically, the runner should be keeping their body leading so as to fall into the stride, they should be performing body loosening exercises before the run, and they should be using a mid foot strike. In this type of footfall, the ball of your foot lands first.

As you might guess, a shoe manufacturer, New Balance (the same company who makes the famous New Balance 991) has created a shoe just for Chi Running, the New Balance 801. While these don’t have individual toe pockets, (which would take some getting used to), they have been designed specifically for mid foot strikers, which is the right design for Chi running shoes, without going too far away from traditional foot gear.

Womens Running Shorts

The Complete Book of Running for Women

The Complete Book of Running for Women

One of the best, and often times easiest ways to get in shape is running. Running helps promote cardiovascular health, and can create an easy path to staying fit throughout your life. Women, who are looking at running on a daily, or weekly basis, should consider the right equipment for the job. The first thing you’ll need to remember is that you can’t just go out there with any old shoes and start a campaign of running. You need to make sure that you are prepared, and your feet are safe with a good pair of running shoes. The second thing you need to be think about are womens running shorts.

For women unfamiliar with running shorts, they are not the same as short pants, or shorts in general. They are specifically made for active women that are planning on jogging or running on a regular basis. The materials used for shorts of this nature are light, breathe easily, and are sometimes as thin as swimming trunks. They are meant to absorb and release moisture, and keep the legs cool.

Womens running shorts come in a huge variety of colors and designs. Some are sponsored by professional athletes. If you are looking to run at night, or early mornings consider getting reflective materials or high contrasting colors that are visible in poor light, especially if running on or near roads.

Before you purchase or look at any running short, make sure to try them on the fit is quite different from other shorts. Running shorts tend to be shorter than other options. Make sure that if you get a looser fitting pair, that they are equipped with a drawstring that you can tighten and tie. After you’ve gotten the right size, you’re ready to start a good work out regimen.

Womens running shorts are sometimes overlooked, but if you ask women that have been running for sometime, they’ll agree that it’s a vital piece of workout gear. You wouldn’t go out running without a sports bra, good running shoes and socks, so why go forward without good running shorts? They aren’t expensive and can allow some much needed cooling in high heat.

It’s important to note, that shorts should not be utilized if there is extreme cold. While it is true that you’ll heat up as you run, wearing too little clothing while exercising in a colder climate could be detrimental to a runners overall health. If possible, consider utilizing running tights in conjunction with shorts, just to be on the safe side.

Getting Better Performance With Cross Country Running Spikes

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Most people have heard of athletics running spikes or seen them on TV worn by sprinters in high profile competitions such as the Olympics. They are used by top athletes because they provide a lot more grip than normal running shoes. The added grip allows the runners to post better times and compete against other athletes more successfully. Running spikes also help in preventing injuries, because for a sprinter it would be catastrophic to explode out of the blocks at the beginning of a race and suddenly find one your feet slipping from under you. Apart from falling flat on your face and causing injury that way (and damaging your pride!), there is the ever present risk of strained and torn muscles.

The same thought processes need to be instilled in runners who train for competitions away from the track. Of course, road runners do not need spikes, as these can be very uncomfortable on hard ground, and in any case will not provide any extra grip, as they will not dig into the concrete surfaces. However, for cross country running, spiked running shoes can be invaluable.

Cross country running spikes can improve your running performance in the same way that sprinters’ spikes can. The improved grip will assist in the prevention of injuries and provide a more sound footing on what can be fairly challenging terrain. The pins themselves are longer than those used by sprinters as the softer ground will be more slippery. It is always best to opt for screw-in spikes rather than molded ones, like the blades that soccer players often use. This enables you to quickly change your spike lengths as necessary depending on the conditions. For example, just because you are running on the same cross country trail, it doesn’t mean the surface itself will always be the same. You’ll be more likely to need longer spikes after rainfall, when you will be toiling along slippery muddy tracks. Next week, it might be sunny and the trail might be substantially harder. Then you’ll be able to use shorter pins in this case.

The better performance you get with cross country running spikes will enable you to run with the security that you are not going to slip over every time you take a stride, and they will allow you to notch up far more competitive times if you are running against other athletes.

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