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Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable dumbbell set - Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

When computing the costs of gym equipment, it is easy to spend well over a thousand dollars on purchasing various weight machines and equipment. However, these machines can easily be substituted by purchasing adjustable dumbbells sets such as the bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells. You can purchase a set of dumbbells for a few hundred dollars and get much more out of your exercise compared to weight machines.

Exercise Varieties

Adjustable dumbbell sets are freestyle weights, which mean they can be used for just about any style of exercising. Most machines can only be used to work one or two muscles, but you can get an entire body workout with a pair of dumbbells. With this type of weights, you can work your triceps, biceps, and shoulders all at once.


Unlike machines, dumbbells do not require a large amount of storage space. An adjustable dumbbell can easily be kept in a corner of a room or inside a cupboard. Even heavy weights can be stored in small and convenient locations. If you minimize space in your gym area for storing weight equipment, you can use the space for other fitness machines like treadmills or elliptical. Small dumbbells are also easy to carry around, making them perfect for both portable and permanent exercising routines. They can be kept as a set in your gym, or easily fit into a car if you need to exercise on the go.


One of the best features about dumbbells are that they are virtually problem free because they do not contain any mechanical designs like a weight machine. The more complex an exercise machine is, the more likely it is to break. A dumbbell just consists of a couple pieces of metal, so it is nearly 100% resistant to breaking. If you take care of them and keep store them properly, they can last you for many years.

Body Solid G9S

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

Hate going to the gym? Is the hassle of sharing public gym equipment stopping you from working out? Maybe you just like to work out in the privacy of your own home? If you said yes to any of those, you’re probably looking for work out equipment for your home, something that is affordable, not too bulky and does the job of getting you in shape. Equipment that will allow you to stay fit and healthy. We all know that’s very important. There’s one name to look at the Body Solid g9s – one of the best names in home exercise equipment!

This home gym system not only allows YOU to work out, but two other people at the same time. With its 3 stationed work areas the whole family can enjoy an afternoon workout at the same time.  So imagine a Sunday afternoon with your two sons all working out in the privacy of your own home? Never having to adjust the equipment for you next work out, and being able to place our equipment in just a small portion of the room sounds like just a dream. Well it’s now a reality with the Body Solid g9s!

This Multi-Station Gym has three different workout areas, so that you can enjoy a totally work out that you would normally get at a private heath club for a price that is fitting. We all know that good quality comes at a price, and of course it is going to cost you but not too much. The price tag on this multi- stationed, new age work out equipment is normally $4,000. But you can save and get a good deal on that with a discount price f you click the image above.

Also upon purchasing you will be thrilled to know that it comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY respected by all distributors around the world.

This home gym was designed by professionals to be easy to use and give an effective workout to a whole family. So it is definitely worth looking into the Body Solid G9S!

Resistance Tubes

Set of 5 NEW Premium Latex Resistance Bands with free Door Anchor and Exercise Manual. Perfect for use with any home exercise or physical therapy

Resistance tubes or bands may seem too good to be true: they’re very simple, small, light in weight, affordable, and you can buy them just about anywhere. So what’s the big deal? Why do so many people not only use resistance bands, but rave about their effectiveness? And how can such a simple and lightweight object actually help you build any significant amount of muscle? Here’s a look into (and answer to) all of these questions.

First of all, you need to understand the basic structure of a resistance tube. These tubes are essentially hollow plastic ropes, or long, flexible plastic cords. They are made of very durable plastic and rubber that has just enough stretch and bend to serve as a flexible rope, yet they are tough enough that they resist (hence the name “resistance tube”) the force exerted when you pull on one or both handle of the tubing.

Resistance tubes are made with varying degrees of strength and tough-ness. The more they resist, the harder they are to pull on, and therefore, the harder your muscles have to work to do so. When you buy resistance tubing it comes in varying levels of resistance, usually measured in pounds, as in the weight equivalent of the resistance they provide. (For example, a five pound resistance tube doesn’t weigh five pounds, but it is designed to be as difficult to pull on as would be a tube with a five pound weight attached.)

People use resistance bands and tubes for many different reasons. They can help tone muscle, add muscle bulk, and burn fat. All of these are reasons to incorporate resistance tubing into your existing workout. They also make it easy to find new exercises to do, and because they are lightweight and small, they can easily be used at home, or even in the office for a discreet but invigorating workout during lunch or an afternoon break.

Resistance tubes are generally very affordable, and can either be bought individually or as part of a set, either with other resistance tubes or in a whole set of various exercise items.

3 Exercises to Build Your Triceps

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women

If you are looking to build bigger stronger arms you need to work smarter and not just harder. The real secret to building bigger more powerful arms is focusing not on the biceps but actually the triceps. Your triceps are the largest muscle group of the arm. Spending more time on building that muscle and you will see fast results and increased power. Next time you go to train on your weight bench focus more on your triceps and a little less on your biceps.

It is important that we understand that there are three areas of the triceps that must be trained in order to build large powerful defined muscular arms. Lets review these areas and look at the most effective ways to train them.

Long head

This is the large muscle on the back of the arm which makes up the bulk of the triceps. Focus on overhead exercise where your arms are positioned by the ears.

Lateral head

The lateral head is located on the outside of the arm and is best worked by exercises where the upper arms are beside or behind your body like dips.

Medial head

The smallest muscle of the triceps located between the other two heads it is best trained with a straight leg tricep extension. Training the medial will help you create that strong hoarse shoe definition in the triceps.

There are three most do exercises for building your triceps the right way. These are challenging and some of the most effective lifts you can do that will dominate your triceps.

Triceps Push Ups

Assume the push up position with a medicine ball balance in the middle of your chest. Lower your body until your chest hits your chest and push up off the floor so your hands land on top of the medicine ball. Now lower your self while balanced on the ball. Complete three sets of 12.

Straight Leg Tricep Extension

Lie with your back and butt on an exercise ball. Using an underhand grip grab a straight bar set on the lowest pulley setting and with your arms above your head bend your elbows at down bring the bar to your shoulders.

Curl Push Downs

A great bonus workout when doing your biceps is curl a light weight for 8 to 12 reps focusing on pushing down as hard. This is a great way to train your triceps and warm them up before you start your triceps workout.

Using these exercises will take your arms and power to new levels. Bigger triceps will add power, strength, and definition to your arms. The triceps are crucial for building a better body and know you can build them in the most effective way possible. Take your triceps to a higher level when working out on olympic weight bench with these tips.

How a Protein Shake Helps to Build Muscle

Muscle Milk High Protein Shake Mix

Muscle Milk High Protein Shake Mix in 6 Great Flavors - Big Discount

If you’ve been working out a lot lately but aren’t sure how to build muscle quickly, you should take a look at your diet. Are you getting enough protein? Is the timing of your consumption correct? If you aren’t already doing so, you should strongly consider starting to take a post-workout protein shake on a regular basis.

Especially when taken right after working out, protein supplements can be an incredible boost to your system and help your body to build muscles much more quickly than it would have otherwise. This is because right after working out, you have 40 to 60 minutes to take in as much protein as is safely possible to get the maximum benefit for your muscles.

If you’ve been working out regularly already but haven’t seen the gains you’d hoped for, protein shakes are probably the missing ingredient to your overall fitness plans. Even if you’re getting enough protein in your normal diet (experts recommend about 1.6 grams of it per kilogram of body weight for active adults), you should restructure the timing of your protein intake to take advantage of the “magic window” of time that immediately follows high-intensity workouts.

This is because resistance training and endurance training both prime your muscles to take in carbohydrates, water, and protein much more rapidly than they do at any other time in the day. In other words, the timing of your protein consumption is just as important as the amount of that consumption.

If you aren’t sure whether you should add additional protein to your diet in the form of supplements like shakes or bars, you should use the above formula to calculate how much protein you should be taking in, and if you’re already getting enough or too much, scale back your intake from your main diet so that you can still add protein supplements for right after working out. Your muscles will thank you.

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Resistance Training to Lose Body Fat

Weight Training Workouts and Diet Plan that Work

Weight Training Workouts and Diet Plan that Work

One great way to lose body fat is to weight train. Weight training (or resistance training), is the quickest way to lose weight, because it speeds up your resting metabolism, so you burn more calories at rest. Why is this important? A pound of fat burns only two calories at rest, a pound of muscles burns six. Only a four calorie difference you say? Yes, but you want your body working for you all the time, not just when you are exercising.

If you build, say, an extra ten pounds of muscle, you will burn an extra 40 calories an hour…so, an extra 960 calories a day, and an extra 6,720 calories a week. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound…so…if you are eating right and exercising, resistance training is going to be the best exercise to lose weight.

Which exercises in particular at the best for fast weight loss? Let us look at a variety of upper and lower body exercises and point out their benefits.

For the upper body, you need to hit all the major muscle groups. An unbalanced body will look odd and may result in pain in the underdeveloped muscles. For example, you must work chest and back, biceps and triceps. They are opposing muscle groups, and need to be worked evenly to promote balance. For chest, the granddaddy of all exercises is the bench press. Another really great chest exercise is the butterfly.

For the back, make sure to do a variety, as there are many muscles in your back, and the back is very important to your daily life. The back is part of the core, and as the term implies, it is the core of all movements. Rows, using a barbell or dumbbells are an essential back workout, as are dead lifts. Dead lifts work not only your lower back but also your hamstrings, quads, and abs.

Tricep and bicep work is probably self-explanatory. Bicep curls are something that everyone knows, but not everyone knows that the biceps work as helper muscles in triceps exercises. Tricep dips on a chair or bench are great for shaping the muscle, as are tricep kickbacks. Make sure to use a lower weight on kickbacks, as a heavier weight is unnecessary and will only compromise your form. To build tricep muscles, overhead presses and lying triceps extensions will do the trick.

Lower body exercises can be done two to three times a week, as the lower body contains the larger muscles. These muscles will burn more calories and get the heart rate up, so you will get a little cardio benefit as well when you work these muscles – another way to lose body fat. One of the best exercises to tone up in the lower half is the squat. Everyone has to do squats if they want to work the legs. Next in line are plie squats and lunges. Calf raises round out the lower half, and are great definers.

Put together, all these exercises will provide anyone with an excellent full body workout. Remember to alternate upper and lower body days, giving muscles groups at least one day of rest between workouts. Abdominals can be worked every day, or every other day, but no more than 15 to 20 minutes per day. Done correctly, these exercises will not only help you to burn excess body fat, but give you a toned, beautiful body as well.

Olympic Weights Set

Olympic Weights

York Barbell 300 lb Olympic Weight Set With Bar and Collars FREE SHIPPING (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Resistance training or weight lifting presents an opportunity for people to improve their physical fitness. The weights’ mass provides a force that resists the muscle’s ability to contract. This causes muscles to work, and results in muscle growth as well as an increase in strength. This short and high intensity muscle movement is called anaerobic exercise. Olympic weights provide one option for weight training.

Weight training that utilizes free-weights has advantages over weight machines. The weights cost less, and they are easier to move. They require less space in the house. Individuals lifting free-weights utilize more stabilizing muscles, improve their body’s balance and the lifting action follows a more natural movement. Machines offer fewer exercise options, and limit workout flexibility. With free-weights the athlete trains with a complete movement, and doesn’t just build strength.

Olympic weight plates differ from standard free-weight plates in a couple of ways. The Olympic plate has a bigger hole in the center of the plate, 2 inches instead of 1 inch. The larger hole accommodates a sturdier bar, allowing the weight lifter to work with greater weight. Also, Olympic weight manufacturers produce plates calibrated closer to the labeled weight.

In addition to weight plates, minimally, weight lifters need a bar, bench and spring collars. It might be best for beginners to buy a complete olympic weight set. The 7 foot bar has wider circumference and sturdier than the standard bar. It also weighs more, about 45 pounds. A set comes with about 160 pounds of weights, and two collars. Buy the spring collars; they are easier to work with than setscrew collars. The collars hold the weights on the bar. You also need an olympic weight bench. It is sturdier than a standard bench.

Olympic weights and weight lifting help people improve their lean body mass, or muscle. This increases the body’s basic metabolic index (BMI), and allows the body to burn more calories, keeping you slim as well as healthy. To be fully fit you will need to add aerobic exercise to your routines. You can run outside or buy a treadmill for use at home. If that is beyond your budget think about treadmill hire to give you a treadmill at home without a huge outlay.

Pull up bars vs. weight lifting

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - over 400 buyers loved this product

When it comes to your body and physical health it’s important to include a plan for strength training in addition to any other cardiovascular exercises you may be doing. Building muscle helps burn more calories and reduce fat in addition to making your body stronger. There are different exercises to do for each part of your body including upper body, abdominal and lower body exercises.

For upper body exercises you can either use weights to increase your muscle mass or you can do exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. The latter requires fewer pieces of equipment and space so it is less expensive and more efficient. Weightlifting maybe be more precise in that you can target certain muscles more or customize the amount of weight depending on your abilities and goals.

Pull ups are one type of exercise that is very good for the arms, chest and back muscles. Basically the exercise involves using a bar to pull oneself up using the arms. The standard pull up requires you to stand facing the bar and grip it with palms facing outward, hanging with arms straight to begin. Keeping the shoulders down and back straight you smoothly pull your chest towards the bar by bending your arms, holding briefly and then lowering yourself back down.

There are a few different types of pull up bars but the one most commonly used is the type that is installed in a doorway. Pull ups can also be done on free standing pull up bars that are either held up by posts on the floor or ground or hanging from someplace higher like a tree or a beam. These can be purchased or built and installed by yourself at home. This one piece of equipment will allow you to get started on some quick, simple but effective upper body exercises that will begin building muscle mass right away.

Safe Kettlebell Workouts

Art of Strength Kettlebell Training Clinic DVD Anthony Diluglio

Art of Strength Kettlebell Training Clinic DVD Anthony Diluglio

It is really fun to bring home a new fitness toy to play with. You have spent the money, you have made your goals, and now it is time to get after it. We have all been there. But it is important to use every piece of fitness equipment in a controlled way so that you are safe and actually get fitter and stronger rather than injure yourself or anyone else. If you want to start working out with kettlebells, here are some tips that will help keep you safe and making steady progress.

1. Make sure you have enough space

Kettlebell workouts involve movements that you might be unfamiliar with if you have done much training in a traditional gym, or have followed programs out of magazines. You will be swinging a weight through the air, and will be standing up from the ground with a kettlebell pressed overhead. So rule one is: never contest for space. Make sure the area around you is clear, that the surface you are on is level, and that there are no pets or children in the vicinity.

2. Do not push too hard, too soon

This isn’t specific to kettlebell training, but it does apply. The surest way to slow down or stop your progress (or motivation) is to work too hard in the beginning. Use an appropriate weight and use appropriate speed for the movements. Learn good habits from a kettlebell instructor and work within your limits.

If your face is turning purple, you’re probably working harder than you need to. If your jaw is clenched and you have excessive tension in your body, you’re probably working harder than you need to. Our bodies don’t learn as well when they’re in a rigid, uncomfortable state.

So challenge yourself, but slow down enough to become familiar with the movements and never push into pain.

If you use kettlebells correctly, your life will change in ways that you will love. You will get stronger and feel better. If you use them incorrectly or unsafely, they may still change your life–but in ways that you will not enjoy.

Be safe, have fun, and you’ll make great progress.

Pull Up Bar: A Great 3-Step Exercise

Doorway pull up bar

Maximum Fitness Gear All-In-One Doorway Chin Up Bar (No Screws Required) with Bonus Top 20 Exercises To Six Pack Abs Guide

Pull up bars provide an easy to learn 3-step exercise that helps to strengthen the arms, back and neck by using the body’s own natural weight.

To correctly perform a pull up exercise, you should stand directly underneath the pull up bar. A pull up bar is often installed in a doorway or can be a separate piece of exercise equipment known as a free standing pull up bar. Any pull up bar must be positioned at least 7 feet above the floor so that once you are hanging from it, your feet are not touching the floor.

The first step involves gripping the bar with both hands, which can be done in one of two ways. In an overhand grip, the palms of the hands grip the pull up bar facing away from you, with the thumbs of both hands pointing toward each other on the bar. In an underhanded grip, the palms of the hands face toward you as you grip the bar, with the thumbs pointing away from other other.

Once you grip the bar, you simply straighten both arms and hang from the bar with as minimal movement as possible. Do not sway or rock the body back and forth while hanging from the pull up bar. Keep your knees and leg straight and your back straight but not arched.

Now comes the most challenging step, bending your arms and lifting your chest up to reach the bar. Once your chest has reached the bar, take a second or two, then lower your body back down to the hanging position and continue reaching up to the bar for several more sets.

A pull up bar meant to be installed at the top of a doorway or a free standing pull up bar are both good investments as exercise equipment. When done on a regular basis, the pull up is an exercise that is easy to learn and you get effective results, strengthening of the upper body and the core muscles.

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