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Resistance Bands And Other Healthy Gift Ideas

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

The month from Thanksgiving to Christmas can spell trouble for most people. You are all but guaranteed to put on a few extra pounds, especially if you are not vigilant about your health and calorie control. In a preemptive measure, try giving healthy gifts for the holiday season so that your friends and loved ones can get in better shape. And give yourself something healthy too! It shows you care!

A great gift to give is a set of resistance bands. They are compact yet highly efficient for toning your body. With a door attachment, that most bands will also come with, you can replicate dozens of exercises that would normally require gym machines or free weights. As you progress and get stronger you can also get a resistance band with a stronger elasticity that will work your body and muscles even more.

If you have a friend who already has a home gym, snoop around and see if there is something they are missing. So many people purchase dumbbells but forget to get a dumbbell rack. For stretching at the end of a workout, a yoga mat is perfect. Even a set of workout towels could be great. For similar suggestions, peruse The Fitness Home Gym Guide.

For someone just starting out, a fitness workout DVD is a great introduction. People are often more comfortable working out in their own home at first. Because of the plethora of kinds of exercise DVDs, you will definitely be able to find one that matches your gift recipient’s personality.

Another great options are gift certificates for classes at a gym. A membership itself can be quite pricey to give to someone along with the burden of forcing them to pay monthly. Classes however can usually be purchased on their own. With the variety of classes (such as spinning, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, etc) you can match your friend or loved one with a class they would love. Or give a variety of a few different classes to see which kind they would like.

Giving a healthy gift can be a great nudge for anybody to start living their life in a healthier fashion. When it comes time for New Year’s resolutions, the majority revolve around weight loss or something similar. Having a brand new home gym product can be the fresh start you are looking for.