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Ultimate Skiing Fitness Exercise

1121970_ski_day_3.jpgI have to say up front that I have never tried skiing (something to do with a horror of going downhill fast and out of control and hating the cold) but my friends love it and as we have been snowed in in many parts of the UK in the past couple of weeks I thought it was about time I talked about it.

There’s a natural rhythm to skiing which is like the best workout you ever had and it appears while you are enjoying yourself (!) you don’t even notice you are exercising! An ideal combination.

The reason it is so good in terms of exercise is that each downhill run is like a 10 minute high intensity “mini” interval training workout. Then you get a little necessary rest while you make your way back up in the slope in the ski lift.

Plus you tend to do it all day long so it’s not just a one hour workout followed by sitting at your desk all day. It keeps your metabolism stoked all day long. It’s like having 10 or 15 mini workouts a day.

You know I wish I could bring myself to try it! But it’s never going to be a sport to love with me

My friends on the other hand who love skiing have to get in training each winter before going off on their skiing vacation – it’s Wengen in Switzerland this year. I am a little jealous of that I must admit as I brave the cold in Scotland without the fun activity to go with it!

skitrainingbook.jpgThey say it’s tough to do the right exercises before they go to make sure they are ready for the slopes but they say they have to do it otherwise they suffer quite a bit and don’t have such a great time when they are away.

Now I see that Mike Greary of Truth about Abs fame has brought out a new ski fitness program guaranteeing rock hard legs that last all day long when you’re skiing so I’ll be pointing that out to them next time I see them.

I have a lot of respect for Mike’s programs – he walks the talk every time and he certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to skiing – he can’t wait to get out on the slopes every winter. Complete Madness! LOL