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Use Maternity Swimwear When You Are Pregnant

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If you’re pregnant and planning a regular exercise regime to keep on top of your health and fitness during the maternity period, chances are you’ve considered swimming. Swimming can be a great way to keep fit and is especially valuable for pregnant women as it is naturally supportive to your body and not too intensive.

You may wonder whether it’s worth buying a special maternity bathing suit or if you can get away with just using your regular swim suit. Perhaps you’ve considered just using your regular bikini (as there’s nothing to get in the way of your newly acquired bump) or just buying cheap swim wear in a larger size as you grow bigger.

Fact 1: Pregnant women do not just get larger in the stomach area. As well as increasingly larger breasts which will need extra support while you’re pregnant, your body will naturally acquire fat stores designed to give you energy for breast feeding. This fat will not just end up on your stomach but also on your hips, thighs, bottoms, arms and anywhere you tend to put fat on. This means that your regular swim suit could soon become a size too small before it’s even obvious that you’re pregnant –it may fit but you’ll look better and be more comfortable in a properly fitting swimsuit.

Fact 2: Maternity size does not mean plus size. Many women make the mistake of assuming they’ll just need a larger size. Your body will change dramatically in pregnancy and while your hips and bust may increase a couple of inches, the largest difference by far will be in the abdominal area. A plus size swim suit may fit your stomach but be comically too large in other areas.

Fact3: Your body needs extra support when you’re pregnant and regular swimsuits just aren’t designed to provide this support. By buying proper maternity swimsuits you’ll feel comfortable and confident while swimming throughout your pregnancy.