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Commonly Forgotten Home Gym Essentials

Home Workout Bible

Home Workout Bible : over 400 Exercises in this Essential workout guide

Building your own home gym can be a dream come true, but with poor planning, it can be a nightmare. It may be exciting and get the equipment that matters, like dumbbells and gym machines. But before you rush into anything, take a moment to consider some basics to make life a lot easier down the line.

Clutter can be an eye sore and a danger in your gym. One of the best tools to combat clutter is a dumbbell rack. Weights left scattered on the floor can be dangerous, as they are easy to step on or trip over. Dumbbell racks can also be used to hold other gym equipment such as resistance bands or even your towel. If you are using free weights, find a dumbbell rack with pegs to hang your plates.

Even the best gym machines and workout equipment can destroy your floor. Wood can scratch, carpet can get stained or become dented and cement can chip from dropped weights. Before the damage is done, purchase rubber flooring for your home gym area. They come in a variety of colors to match your gyms design and be aesthetically pleasing. Flooring is usually sold in long rolls or in smaller jigsaw puzzle looking pieces.

If you want to preserve your painted walls, consider repainting with a paint that enables marks to be cleaned off easily. Paint made for a child’s room usually works well. While you are redecorating, why not put up some inspirational art. Some people like to put up inspirational mantras on their gym’s walls, while others prefer pictures of body types they want to attain. A mirror can also be important so that you may study your form and make the most of your workout.

If you have some money to spend, there are also tons of additional items you can get to make life a bit easier. A small fridge or water cooler are phenomenal for making sure you are always hydrated with cold, filtered water. Music inspires a lot of people during their workout, so installing some speakers in your gym can be a phenomenal touch to your private workout space. Be sure to get a few towels to always have on hand. For that extra touch, have them monogrammed.

With all of these basic items in place, it is time to get the big ticket items that complete your gym. For help with finding which home gym machine is for you, go to Home Gym Machines Information.

Resistance Bands And Other Healthy Gift Ideas

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

The month from Thanksgiving to Christmas can spell trouble for most people. You are all but guaranteed to put on a few extra pounds, especially if you are not vigilant about your health and calorie control. In a preemptive measure, try giving healthy gifts for the holiday season so that your friends and loved ones can get in better shape. And give yourself something healthy too! It shows you care!

A great gift to give is a set of resistance bands. They are compact yet highly efficient for toning your body. With a door attachment, that most bands will also come with, you can replicate dozens of exercises that would normally require gym machines or free weights. As you progress and get stronger you can also get a resistance band with a stronger elasticity that will work your body and muscles even more.

If you have a friend who already has a home gym, snoop around and see if there is something they are missing. So many people purchase dumbbells but forget to get a dumbbell rack. For stretching at the end of a workout, a yoga mat is perfect. Even a set of workout towels could be great. For similar suggestions, peruse The Fitness Home Gym Guide.

For someone just starting out, a fitness workout DVD is a great introduction. People are often more comfortable working out in their own home at first. Because of the plethora of kinds of exercise DVDs, you will definitely be able to find one that matches your gift recipient’s personality.

Another great options are gift certificates for classes at a gym. A membership itself can be quite pricey to give to someone along with the burden of forcing them to pay monthly. Classes however can usually be purchased on their own. With the variety of classes (such as spinning, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, etc) you can match your friend or loved one with a class they would love. Or give a variety of a few different classes to see which kind they would like.

Giving a healthy gift can be a great nudge for anybody to start living their life in a healthier fashion. When it comes time for New Year’s resolutions, the majority revolve around weight loss or something similar. Having a brand new home gym product can be the fresh start you are looking for.

Gift Ideas for Fitness Loving Moms

Zumba DVD set

How About a Zumba Fitness DVD set?

Want to give your health nut and fitness loving mom a great gift? Here are some great ideas for gifts she will love.

Buy your mom a trendy fitness costume, which will make her feel great and pretty while she’s working out. Whether your mom enjoys aerobics, yoga, or Pilates you can buy her an outfit which she can wear during all these workout activities.

Stylish fitness gear and accessories include new trendy shoes, tote bags, towels etc. Many sports brands like Nike or ADIDAS make fashionable shoes, sweat bands, arm bands or head bands which can serve as good gift choices for your fitness loving mom. Another fitness gift idea can be branded water bottles, which can come in many different colors and shapes.

Gift your mom with a personal or private training gift, even if your mom is a regular member of a gym it is going to be nice for her if she gets private training lessons doing Pilates or yoga, just a one on one session with the instructor. This gift can serve as a motivational tool for her to keep on continuing with her lessons. You can also buy her a group session with a different instructor or a lesson at another gym.

Another great gift idea for your mom is to give her health literature; health magazines or fitness books. If your mom is a book worm too, then this is the best gift that you can give her as it will combine two of her greatest passions. Just go to any book store, and you will see many health magazines and books available just select the one that you think your mom will like the best and buy that for her. This gift will also serve as a motivational tool for her to continue on with her healthy lifestyle.

Mentioned above are four great fitness gift choices that you can purchase for your mom, motivate her in continuing on with her healthy lifestyle, buy her some branded track suit or yoga costume, shower her with health books and get her the chance to learn yoga or Pilates personally from a trainer. You can use Best Buy coupons to get some great deals on some home health equipment, and you’re sure to see the look of utter happiness on your mom’s face if you give her any one of these items.

New Fitness Fads? The Shake Weight and Zumba Fitness DVD

Shake Weight


Are you becoming bored with going to the gym every day and doing the same tiresome exercise routine? It’s almost certain you would like a little more variety and a workout that will help you tone up but be enjoyable and not as time consuming as your normal routine.

How about considering the shake weight dumbbell? The new dumbbell is aimed at women and assists them in firming their shoulders and arms. the inventor of shake weight dumbbells proclaims the weights are more effective than weight lifting at toning. A six minute workout instruction book is included with the weights explaining how to use them. Test have proven the shake weight dumbbells firms the arms burn more calories than standard free weights. You will be able to purchase these weights from department stores, sporting good stores, and pharmacies most anywhere. There are also weights available for men though the target audience is women. The difference in the men’s version of shake weights uses more resistance and weigh more. Shake weight reviews are positive about the product so they are worth a try.

Zumba Fitness DVD


Now, let’s examine another fitness craze on the market: DVD Zumba Fitness. Zumba Fitness is an efficient dance style cardiovascular workout routine that is actually enjoyable. You will find live Zumba and toning sticks included in the DVD. The Zumba Fitness DVD consists of one hour of instruction and demonstrates each step that is included in the other DVDs by breaking them into small segments so you can feel the full impact of the workout.The Zumba fitness videos include beginner, advanced, and rapido. A celebrity fitness trainer by the name of Beto Perez designed the Zumba videos. The workout,is made up of resistance training,slow rhythms, and fast tempos, The Latino style moves adds flair and enjoyment to the workout.

Many who used the DVD Zumba Fitness videos said it made them an addict. At last, everyone was able to ‘boogie down’ and not having to worry about feeling self-conscious about their looks. It helps there are other people in the same room to make it less intimidating.The workout is for all ages and fitness levels. If you you can shake your hips and keep up with beats,you can do Zumba!

Top 5 Workout DVD Buying Tips

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

You’ve made a commitment to get in shape by working out at home and building your own personal workout DVD library. But with so many videos to choose from how do you pick the good from the blah? Follow the workout DVD buying tips provided in this article to increase the chances of getting the best workout DVD for your needs.

1. Read reviews.

You can read reviews of workout DVDs by real users at and sometimes you get a sneak peak of the actual video so you can get a feel of the instructor’s training style.

2. Consider length.

If you can only work out for 30 minutes a day then do not buy a 65 minute workout DVD. This is easier said than done especially if the price is right and the instructor seems like someone you’d really enjoy. You are setting yourself up for failure if you buy a video that you can’t make the time to complete in its entirety. Only performing half of the video doesn’t allow it to deliver the promised results and usually means nixing the cool down.

3. Know the equipment requirement.

Be sure to read the equipment requirement of the workout DVD. Not surprisingly, many workout DVDs now incorporate some sort of resistance training along with the cardio workout. This could be in the form of free weights, kettle bells, or resistance bands. The last thing you want is a video that you can’t properly perform because you don’t have the right equipment.

4. Try it for free.

Found one you like? See if you can check it out from your local library. If they don’t have it in stock ask about its availability via inter-library loan. Once you get it, you can find out the true calorie burn of the workout DVD by wearing a basic Polar heart rate monitor during your test run. If you like the DVD, then you’re ready for the last tip.

5. Buy it used.

You can buy it used from or even a local discount retailer. When buying used be sure to check the return policy. If it’s damaged you want to have the option of getting your money back to buy the workout DVD elsewhere as opposed to just having store credit.

Finding the Right Home Gym for Your Workout Routine

No matter what type of workout routine you have your equipment plays a huge role in your success or failure. We have all seen the movies where the convict is using his jail cell to get in top shape, or the boxer uses standard farm equipment to prepare for the fight of his life, or the martial artist is trained in brutal conditions in the jungle. While these techniques are great for Hollywood movies, in the real world these scenarios don’t always produce optimal workout results.

While it is true that the biggest part of success in any workout regimen is the discipline and determination of the participant, it does help to have workout equipment that enables you to reach those goals. There are several home gym machines that are prevalent in the marketplace and have been around for a while. Not all home gym machines are created equal, and it is important to do your homework before making a purchase to ensure the unit meets your needs.

Weider Home Gyms have been on the market for quite some time. They have a good reputation for building a quality gym set and their prices are reasonable. Gold’s Gym is another industry mainstay that has an established presence in the home fitness arena and a good reputation for building home gyms that last. One of the most unique home gym sources on the web is Second Wind Exercise Equipment. These guys have a unique business model wherein they purchase gently used fitness equipment from folks that have given up on their fitness goals or outgrown the exercise system they are currently using. Buy purchasing their inventory in this manner, the Second Wind Company is able to get equipment that is in really good shape for a fraction of the cost of the machine. They can then turn around and sell the equipment as discount home gyms and still make a significant profit.

If you are in the market for some type of a home gym system, take the time to go out on the Internet and research the above brands. They may have exactly what you need and at an excellent price.

5 Healthy Exercises No Matter What Your Age

Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life

Age Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life

Exercise is good for everyone, no matter how old you are and in fact it gets more and more important to stay active as you get older. While you may not want to practice extreme sports risking life and limb, there are some great exercises you can do throughout your life.

1.Swimming: There’s a reason that you see so many senior citizens swimming and so many classes offered in the water. This is by far the best exercises that the elderly can partake in. It’s gentle on the joints and muscles, yet so beneficial in terms of the activity that it provides. The elderly may find that a quick dip on their own or even an organized class is more their style, but there are endless options. This is one exercise that senior citizens should always consider.

2.Biking: You may not consider this to be an appropriate exercise, but it really is. Jumping on a stationary bike or getting outside to ride can be as easy and gentle as you make it. By being able to set the tone and the pace, you can control your input level. It’s easy on the joints as well but provides some great exercise that your body craves. So it’s well worth starting out slowly with this exercise to see how well you get on with it.

3.Walking: Another popular exercise amongst those getting on in years, and you can quickly see why. Walking is easy enough to do and can be done anywhere, so it has great appeal. It gets you up and moving, but doesn’t have to be strenuous. You rarely risk injury and you can control how far and fast you go. This is very appealing to the elderly who want to get in some activity but don’t want to risk injury. You can get outside to enjoy it, or you can simply hit the local mall or walking track, to get in your daily activity.

4.Yoga: Many senior citizens don’t necessarily think of this activity off hand, but it can work quite well in terms of overall well being. Yoga promotes stamina and flexibility and also ensures some very necessary physical activity. There are all different types of yoga classes nowadays so you can choose one that fits your lifestyle and particular situation. This can be good for the mind as well as the body, and that’s what makes it such a great exercise option.

5.Weight Training: If you never really thought of weight training as an appropriate activity once you get older, then think again. You can control the weight that you lift, and it helps to keep bones strong and healthy. It promotes flexibility and can in many instances prevent injury, which makes it a great option.

If you are still young and agile, you may not think of the elderly as being big into exercise, but there are so many serious advantages that you should persuade family and friends who are getting on in years to make sure they include exercise in their lifestyle.

This is a guest post by Mary M Frederick, who has a website about how to find Nurse Practitioner Online Programs.

Trampoline Workouts

Half Fold CELLERCISER® Kit (Rebounder) (CLICK IMAGE for details)

Half Fold CELLERCISER® Kit (Rebounder)
(CLICK IMAGE for details)

Trampoline workouts are becoming increasingly popular for people who want to exercise and have fun at the same time. There’s nothing like bouncing up and down on a Cellerciser (see left, widely acknowledged as the best) or a standard mini trampoline and doing yourself good at the same time.

Numerous health benefits arise from participating in such a workout including weight loss, reduced backaches, and increased endurance. People of all ages and sizes can participate and reap these positive results.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline requires rigorous leg movements. Your legs absorb a lot of the impact and you burn calories at an effective rate, through the effort required. Yet the effort feels like play as you are simply bouncing! And with enough jumps on the trampoline, you can burn more calories then using a jump rope. Most of the time, people who participate in trampoline exercises have so much fun that they forget about how many calories they burned. Losing weight and getting fit was never before such fun.

People who work in an office all day, often experience back aches from sitting down too long. Trampoline workouts are extremely efficient in minimizing aches because when you jump in the air, you’re in a period of weightlessness, which puts no strain on your back.

The more often you jump and stay in the air, the less strain you will put on your back. Increased endurance is beneficial to your health as well as your heart. With continuous jumping, your adrenaline rises and your heart pumps more blood throughout your body resulting in overall good health. Working out on a mini trampoline also increase your endurance without putting strain on any parts of your body. The more you exercise, the higher your endurance will be.

Trampoline workouts are one of the most effective and fun exercises that you can take part in. Whether it’s getting shape or improving health, trampoline exercises will accomplish all of that. They can be purchased from any local sports store. Finally, exercising can be fun again.

Multi-Gyms or Free Weights?

Mens Health Home Workout Bible

Mens Health Home Workout Bible

You are often faced with a choice: do you go for the free weights, which look like they are more fun? Or do you choose some chromed multi-gym machinery that would look more at home in a beauty spa?

No matter what your opinion of the glossy catalogs where the models look well muscled and obviously work out on a regular basis, they just didn’t get that way using multi-gym equipment. The main problem with multi-gyms is that you can’t add any weight to them other than the weights which came with the machine at delivery time. So if the machine has, say, 50Kg on it, that’s it. And the only way to build massive muscle is to keep increasing the weights. Most body builders consider 50Kg the lower end of the warm up!

In addition, free weights are far easier to store at home. You need a lot more space for a multi gym.

So what is the point of multi-gyms?

Firstly, they are great for toning up, or as a compliment to other sports – cycling for example. Here you aren’t interested in achieving personal bests, but rather keeping shape or developing cross-training practices. You can of course do this with a small set of free weights however too.

Secondly, throwing weights around the place might look fun, but there are risks. These risks are compounded by the fact that we often use home weight training equipment without a ‘spotter’ – that is, someone who will watch for you in case you get into trouble. With a multi-gym should you slip or drop the weight, then it will fall back on the stack and keep you out of trouble. This becomes more important the heavier the weights you lift.

Thirdly, you are more likely to workout the whole of your body in one session. When we use free weights we tend to go to our favorite exercise, simply because it is often easier, or achieves the best result. Using a multigym you know when you have finished because you have used all the equipment.

Using Interval Training to Workout Quickly

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise

Many people who work full-time jobs find it hard to squeeze in a few hours during the work week to exercise – they don’t want to get up any earlier than they have to to get to work on time, and they’re exhausted after work. However, I have talked with a few personal trainers who have explained the success they’ve had talking clients into dedicating just 20-30 minutes a day, two to three times a week to high intensity interval training workouts.

The exact formula that different fitness websites will list out for interval training times will vary greatly, but the basic idea is to work at about 90% of your maximum for a minute or two, then slow down to allow your body time to recuperate, before sprinting all out again. I say sprinting, but high intensity training cardio training can be used on any cardio machine, from stationary bikes to stair machines to ellipticals, or any non-gym workout like swimming or roller skating.

The only requirement is that you need to be able to press hard enough at whatever activity you’re doing to get your heart pounding and your body sweating with the effort. I’ve found it difficult to reach 90% exertion through the elliptical machine and swimming, for example, but it is definitely possible. You need to reach this level of difficulty at least three to four times during your workout for the interval training to be effective, but you can go on, sprinting and resting, as many times as you are able.

In twenty minutes, most people are able to get through about four high intensity periods, which is enough to make a difference in your cardiovascular health over time. The great thing about this type of workout, unlike distance running, for example, is that the better you get at your activity, you don’t have to dedicate any more time to the activity if you don’t want to. Simply ramp up the speed of your workout, lengthen your high intensity period, or shorten your “rest” periods to increase the difficulty and strengthen your body.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) also burns many times the calories as a steady jog would, in the same amount of time, which will help you keep the pounds off. Burning fat through interval training is very effective, particularly for people who are short on free time.

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