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A Perfect Road Bike Frame

The Complete Book of Road Cycling & Racing

The Complete Book of Road Cycling & Racing

A Perfect Road Bike Frame – is there such a thing? Probably not or every bike company in the world wouldn’t be spending tons of cash on R&D coming up with new and innovative designs from wild and exotic materials. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for BUT, you had better know what you’re paying for!

The perfect bike frame is really dependent on a number of variables so it’s really a relative term. Simple variables like what level of expertise you have as a rider; what kind of road biking you’re planning on doing; and more complex variable like altitude, road conditions, your body mass, strength, technique, etc. etc.

If you start looking for the ideal or perfect road bike frame you’re almost setting yourself up for failure form the get go. One of the most common complaints of riders getting competitive and serious about cycling is that there are too many bikes to choose from. Add to that the almost unlimited combinations of bike frames and accessories and you really get overwhelmed. Now every bike joke and retailer will have an opinion about which brand or frame is best. They’ll probably also want to tell you which suspension is best, and which brakes are best and so on and so on. And, in all likely hood those opinions are valid but, accepting any of them as your own really won’t have much of an impact effect on your riding. The reality is you are probably like most people who cycle – you’re a weekend warrior and a little fanatical about this hobby but in all honesty you’re a recreational cyclist like thousands of riders. So, back to the bottom line again – if you agree that your simply in this for fun. If you’re the kind of biker who cycles for exercise and signs up for the odd race that save your money. You really don’t an expensive or big name road bike frame. Just do a little research, ask some questions and make sure you’ve got a quality road bike that’s going to last and satisfy your needs.

Now, on the off chance you are one of those few who is truly serious about this whole sport called cycling and you’re maybe even shooting for pro than there are a few things about frames you’ll want to now about. You’re going to want to know more about materials and construction and the like. Todays advanced engineering gives us a variety of options. You can a Carbon Fiber Road Bike Frame, aluminum, steel or a Titanium Road Bike Frame. These four types are the most common you will see in any bike shop.

Which one is perfect for you? Well, that brings us full circle so you can just ride right on back to the first paragraph of this article for my answer! Take your time, read study and talk to as many experienced riders as you can. Join your local Bike Club, Visit other Bike Clubs to get even more ideas and perspective. All of this work will pay off and help you to choose the perfect Road Bike Frame for you.

Thule Car Bike Racks

Thule Bike Rack

Thule Bike Rack - the Thule 958 Parkway 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2 inch receiver

Whether you are an avid cyclist or just a casual enthusiast that occasionally enjoys a nice bike ride in the park, you will inevitably find yourself having a need for a car bike rack.  The sheer volume, size and variety of bike racks on the market can be intimidating for the casual rider who isn’t very well versed in these products but rest assured, it’s easy to find the right rack for your needs.

Car Bike Rack Quality

The first issue you probably want to address is what price range are you looking at.  A casual rider may not need the very best bike rack on the market while someone who is loading and unloading their bike several times a week will want all of the bells and whistles that a higher end bike rack has to offer.  The good news is that you can have both as even some of the higher quality bike rack manufacturers still offer products on the lower end of the price scale.  They feature the same high quality construction, just maybe not all of the bells and whistles.

One of the names in this industry that you can always count on to product a high quality product is Thule Bike Racks.  Thule has been in this industry for years and has even been an OE supplier to many of the car companies that offer these accessories new at the dealer, definitely a name you can trust.

Bike Rack Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, there are a huge number of different bike racks from many different companies available when you go looking for them.  One of the best things you can do to help you research these products is to find a website that offers a large number of bike rack reviews.  You can read Thule bike rack reviews on these types of sites and find the perfect model bike rack for your needs.

So whether you are a casual cyclist or a budding professional, all it takes to get it right is a little bit of research before you buy.

The Best Indoor Bike Trainers

Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer

The Best Indoor Bike Trainer

Many warm weather exercisers find it to be a struggle to maintain their fitness levels when the weather turns cold and daylight savings time kicks in. Getting dark early and those cold temperatures don’t make it very easy to continue an outdoor fitness regimen of any kind and very few sports are impacted as much as the sport of cycling. The good news is that you can cycle indoors with a simple purchase of a device called an indoor bike trainer.

What Is An Indoor Bike Trainer

Indoor bike trainers consist of two basic kinds of devices that simulate the act of riding a bicycle. There are freestanding bicycle trainers that are more like an exercise bike that you would see at a gym and then there are the bike trainer stands where you load your actual bicycle into a frame. This bike trainer has a roller device that applies friction to the rear wheel requiring more exertion on your part to maintain your pedaling cadence.

These bicycle trainers can vary slightly in design and function but ultimately they all seek to accomplish the same thing and that is to allow you to ride your actual bike indoors and out of the cold weather elements.

Types of Indoor Bike Trainers

There are two basic types of indoor bike trainer stands with one being a magnetic trainer that is commonly referred to as a Mag trainer. The other type is a fluid trainer and might often be referred to as a kinetic bike trainer. These two machines appear very similar on the outside but they are quite different on the inside.

You might have already guessed the main difference in construction, the Mag trainer uses magnets to provide the friction that you must overcome while a fluid trainer actually uses a thick silicone based fluid that creates friction required to pedal the trainer. While these trainers appear quite similar, they function differently and can have some major differences in ride quality as well as noise level that they put out.

These may not be important to you or they could be a deal breaker. The best thing you can do if you are considering purchasing an indoor bike trainer is to read reviews on the various machines and make the best decision for your own personal situation. The best indoor bike trainer for you is the one that fits your needs the best.

Minoura Bike Trainers Review

For people who might be looking for a way to train for bicycling events while in their home, the line of products available from Minoura can provide a solution. Minoura Bike trainers are stationary stands you use in combination with a traditional bicycle. The front wheel or your bike is placed into the stand, where it is lifted off the ground so there is no actual movement while pedaling. The basic model comes with a tension mechanism that has five different levels of resistance. It can be set by using the manual dial or the convenient remote.

Minoura RDA80 Rim Drive Bicycle Trainer with Remote (Click Image for Details and discount!)

Minoura RDA80 Rim Drive Bicycle Trainer with Remote (Click Image for Details and discount!)

The remote versions of these stands come with a few extra levels of resistance to make your cycling training optimal. Using a remote device is a more convenient way to change levels as you work through your routine. These stands are made to fit most 24 to 27 inch tires and come with non-skid rubber soles on the base. The Gyro stand is their top of the line unit which offers the most authentic riding feel for a bike trainer to use. This stand incorporates the use of a suspension system which not only gives you a better feel for the ride, but also allows for ease of movement on and off your bike.

These stands come with various flywheel weights which allow you to choose the type of resistance that will be best for you to use. You will find all of the instructions for assembly and use, in convenient free downloadable files online. The price for a stand depends on the model and features it comes with. The basic M50 with a dial resistance retails for about $170 while the Gyro V270 with remote sells for about $300. These bike stands can also be used in conjunction with a weight loss program for home exercise with a standard bicycle, by people not training for specific events.