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Getting Better Performance With Cross Country Running Spikes

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Most people have heard of athletics running spikes or seen them on TV worn by sprinters in high profile competitions such as the Olympics. They are used by top athletes because they provide a lot more grip than normal running shoes. The added grip allows the runners to post better times and compete against other athletes more successfully. Running spikes also help in preventing injuries, because for a sprinter it would be catastrophic to explode out of the blocks at the beginning of a race and suddenly find one your feet slipping from under you. Apart from falling flat on your face and causing injury that way (and damaging your pride!), there is the ever present risk of strained and torn muscles.

The same thought processes need to be instilled in runners who train for competitions away from the track. Of course, road runners do not need spikes, as these can be very uncomfortable on hard ground, and in any case will not provide any extra grip, as they will not dig into the concrete surfaces. However, for cross country running, spiked running shoes can be invaluable.

Cross country running spikes can improve your running performance in the same way that sprinters’ spikes can. The improved grip will assist in the prevention of injuries and provide a more sound footing on what can be fairly challenging terrain. The pins themselves are longer than those used by sprinters as the softer ground will be more slippery. It is always best to opt for screw-in spikes rather than molded ones, like the blades that soccer players often use. This enables you to quickly change your spike lengths as necessary depending on the conditions. For example, just because you are running on the same cross country trail, it doesn’t mean the surface itself will always be the same. You’ll be more likely to need longer spikes after rainfall, when you will be toiling along slippery muddy tracks. Next week, it might be sunny and the trail might be substantially harder. Then you’ll be able to use shorter pins in this case.

The better performance you get with cross country running spikes will enable you to run with the security that you are not going to slip over every time you take a stride, and they will allow you to notch up far more competitive times if you are running against other athletes.

Why Use The Vertical Jump Bible To Increase Your Vertical Leap?

Vertical Jump Development Bible (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Vertical Jump Development Bible (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

If you are looking for a resource to assist you increase your vertical jump tremendously, you have to know about Kelly Baggett’s collection of jump information referred to as the vertical jump bible. This is one of the best and most respected jump programs you can find in the world, but what exactly does it do? This large volume of information has very detailed discussion covering various athletic characteristics that you need to achieve a high vertical jump. It also discusses at length the best training exercises that you should undertake in order to jump high including the dos and don’ts of the right exercises, plyometric exercises, detailed how-tos and all that you need to prosper as an athlete who relies on high jumping to gain advantage over opponents in the field.

With the vertical jump bible, you will be in a position to establish your strengths and weaknesses, focus on your training and get advice on how to get the best training materials for the right exercises. Other than the aspect of exercises and requirements, the jump bible also exhaustively elaborates the right diet that you should use and generally acts as a perfect program not only for those who wish to increase their vertical leap but to stay fit as well.

If you are wondering whether the vertical jump bible is the right program for you, I should tell you that it is structured to cater for athletes of different levels. The program and exercises in general are broken down to assist people of all circles, for instance those that can access the gym and those that train at home, experienced and amateur sports people and the exact focus of the athletes as far as end results are concerned. If you need a jump program to help you increase your vertical leap, it goes without saying that the vertical jump bible is the right resource for you.