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Building your own home gym can be a dream come true, but with poor planning, it can be a nightmare. It may be exciting and get the equipment that matters, like dumbbells and gym machines. But before you rush into anything, take a moment to consider some basics to make life a lot easier down the line.

Clutter can be an eye sore and a danger in your gym. One of the best tools to combat clutter is a dumbbell rack. Weights left scattered on the floor can be dangerous, as they are easy to step on or trip over. Dumbbell racks can also be used to hold other gym equipment such as resistance bands or even your towel. If you are using free weights, find a dumbbell rack with pegs to hang your plates.

Even the best gym machines and workout equipment can destroy your floor. Wood can scratch, carpet can get stained or become dented and cement can chip from dropped weights. Before the damage is done, purchase rubber flooring for your home gym area. They come in a variety of colors to match your gyms design and be aesthetically pleasing. Flooring is usually sold in long rolls or in smaller jigsaw puzzle looking pieces.

If you want to preserve your painted walls, consider repainting with a paint that enables marks to be cleaned off easily. Paint made for a child’s room usually works well. While you are redecorating, why not put up some inspirational art. Some people like to put up inspirational mantras on their gym’s walls, while others prefer pictures of body types they want to attain. A mirror can also be important so that you may study your form and make the most of your workout.

If you have some money to spend, there are also tons of additional items you can get to make life a bit easier. A small fridge or water cooler are phenomenal for making sure you are always hydrated with cold, filtered water. Music inspires a lot of people during their workout, so installing some speakers in your gym can be a phenomenal touch to your private workout space. Be sure to get a few towels to always have on hand. For that extra touch, have them monogrammed.

With all of these basic items in place, it is time to get the big ticket items that complete your gym. For help with finding which home gym machine is for you, go to Home Gym Machines Information.