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Running For Beginners

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running

Running is a great way to lose weight and build your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Running for beginners may seen challenging, but there are ways to ease into it so that it isn’t too hard. It is possible to move from being a newbie runner to an experienced runner in minimal time.

Ease into It

Easing into running helps the body to slowly adapt and not become overworked. Someone who wishes to run can head outside and run as long as they can before getting out of breathe, and then stop. If this is done five to six days a week, the endurance will build and soon the runner will find himself lasting for half an hour to an hour at a time without running out of breath.

Stretching after every run ensures that beginners wont feel too much pain in the day following a run. Simple stretches like bending down to touch the toes for 30 seconds can make a world of difference. Runners should research the various methods of stretching to make sure that they are loosening up the various leg muscles.

Buy the Proper Gear

A big mistake that many beginning runners make is to run without the proper gear. Shoes made for runners is an essential. Without proper shoes, running can quickly lead to knee and ankle injuries. Shoes should provide proper ankle and arch support. These shoes may be a bit expensive, but using shoes without support can quickly kill any efforts to run.

Make It a Hobby, Not a Chore

Making running fun turns the activity into a hobby instead of a chore. This might mean a runner wearing an MP3 player to listen to her favorite songs while she runs. Maybe it means running only on scenic routes to enjoy the look and smells of nature. Some people choose to run with a buddy. This is a good option, as it gives runners someone to talk to and something to take their mind off of the task at hand.

Even if this sport is exhausting in the first few days or weeks, it will eventually become easier and more enjoyable. Running for beginners completely shocks the body into adapting to extreme cardiovascular activity, in turn strengthening the heart and raising the endurance. Someone who wants to run on a regular basis should just stick to it, and soon they will begin to see their body change.

Resistance Bands And Other Healthy Gift Ideas

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

Basic Resistance Bands Exercise Fitness Workout Set

The month from Thanksgiving to Christmas can spell trouble for most people. You are all but guaranteed to put on a few extra pounds, especially if you are not vigilant about your health and calorie control. In a preemptive measure, try giving healthy gifts for the holiday season so that your friends and loved ones can get in better shape. And give yourself something healthy too! It shows you care!

A great gift to give is a set of resistance bands. They are compact yet highly efficient for toning your body. With a door attachment, that most bands will also come with, you can replicate dozens of exercises that would normally require gym machines or free weights. As you progress and get stronger you can also get a resistance band with a stronger elasticity that will work your body and muscles even more.

If you have a friend who already has a home gym, snoop around and see if there is something they are missing. So many people purchase dumbbells but forget to get a dumbbell rack. For stretching at the end of a workout, a yoga mat is perfect. Even a set of workout towels could be great. For similar suggestions, peruse The Fitness Home Gym Guide.

For someone just starting out, a fitness workout DVD is a great introduction. People are often more comfortable working out in their own home at first. Because of the plethora of kinds of exercise DVDs, you will definitely be able to find one that matches your gift recipient’s personality.

Another great options are gift certificates for classes at a gym. A membership itself can be quite pricey to give to someone along with the burden of forcing them to pay monthly. Classes however can usually be purchased on their own. With the variety of classes (such as spinning, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, etc) you can match your friend or loved one with a class they would love. Or give a variety of a few different classes to see which kind they would like.

Giving a healthy gift can be a great nudge for anybody to start living their life in a healthier fashion. When it comes time for New Year’s resolutions, the majority revolve around weight loss or something similar. Having a brand new home gym product can be the fresh start you are looking for.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable dumbbell set - Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

When computing the costs of gym equipment, it is easy to spend well over a thousand dollars on purchasing various weight machines and equipment. However, these machines can easily be substituted by purchasing adjustable dumbbells sets such as the bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells. You can purchase a set of dumbbells for a few hundred dollars and get much more out of your exercise compared to weight machines.

Exercise Varieties

Adjustable dumbbell sets are freestyle weights, which mean they can be used for just about any style of exercising. Most machines can only be used to work one or two muscles, but you can get an entire body workout with a pair of dumbbells. With this type of weights, you can work your triceps, biceps, and shoulders all at once.


Unlike machines, dumbbells do not require a large amount of storage space. An adjustable dumbbell can easily be kept in a corner of a room or inside a cupboard. Even heavy weights can be stored in small and convenient locations. If you minimize space in your gym area for storing weight equipment, you can use the space for other fitness machines like treadmills or elliptical. Small dumbbells are also easy to carry around, making them perfect for both portable and permanent exercising routines. They can be kept as a set in your gym, or easily fit into a car if you need to exercise on the go.


One of the best features about dumbbells are that they are virtually problem free because they do not contain any mechanical designs like a weight machine. The more complex an exercise machine is, the more likely it is to break. A dumbbell just consists of a couple pieces of metal, so it is nearly 100% resistant to breaking. If you take care of them and keep store them properly, they can last you for many years.

Gift Ideas for Fitness Loving Moms

Zumba DVD set

How About a Zumba Fitness DVD set?

Want to give your health nut and fitness loving mom a great gift? Here are some great ideas for gifts she will love.

Buy your mom a trendy fitness costume, which will make her feel great and pretty while she’s working out. Whether your mom enjoys aerobics, yoga, or Pilates you can buy her an outfit which she can wear during all these workout activities.

Stylish fitness gear and accessories include new trendy shoes, tote bags, towels etc. Many sports brands like Nike or ADIDAS make fashionable shoes, sweat bands, arm bands or head bands which can serve as good gift choices for your fitness loving mom. Another fitness gift idea can be branded water bottles, which can come in many different colors and shapes.

Gift your mom with a personal or private training gift, even if your mom is a regular member of a gym it is going to be nice for her if she gets private training lessons doing Pilates or yoga, just a one on one session with the instructor. This gift can serve as a motivational tool for her to keep on continuing with her lessons. You can also buy her a group session with a different instructor or a lesson at another gym.

Another great gift idea for your mom is to give her health literature; health magazines or fitness books. If your mom is a book worm too, then this is the best gift that you can give her as it will combine two of her greatest passions. Just go to any book store, and you will see many health magazines and books available just select the one that you think your mom will like the best and buy that for her. This gift will also serve as a motivational tool for her to continue on with her healthy lifestyle.

Mentioned above are four great fitness gift choices that you can purchase for your mom, motivate her in continuing on with her healthy lifestyle, buy her some branded track suit or yoga costume, shower her with health books and get her the chance to learn yoga or Pilates personally from a trainer. You can use Best Buy coupons to get some great deals on some home health equipment, and you’re sure to see the look of utter happiness on your mom’s face if you give her any one of these items.

Treadmills vs Elliptical Machines?

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer

CLICK the IMAGE to watch this Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer in action

Treadmills have always been one of the most popular exercise equipment among people from all walks of life. They are great for the body because they can provide an ultimate cardio workout. This is why it is no surprise that you can find many of them for sale online. But have you ever come across elliptical machines for sale online too? These machines are relatively newer than the treadmills, but they are surely getting hotter by the minute.

Treadmills and elliptical machines (or elliptical trainers) are actually both known to provide users with great cardiovascular workout. Both of them can make you pant and sweat and they are absolute favorites of folks who want to lose weight. However, although they may be strikingly the same in effectiveness, they are not exactly created equal. They have different functions and if you are thinking of purchasing either, it is important that you learn about them.

Treadmills focus on working out the lower torso. They simulate walking and running that’s why they can be very efficient when it comes to fat burning. You can walk or run as much as you want without having to strain your legs that much. When you don’t strain your legs, you don’t bulk up your muscles.

On the other hand, elliptical machines are not only known to give your lower torso a good workout. They also provide you with the chance to exercise your upper body and give your heart some extra thump, thump, thump. If you try to check some elliptical machines for sale, you can see that they have handles for the users to grip. These handles will move backward and forward as you do the exercise. If you look closely, the trainers actually look like upright cycling machines. As they are in an upright position, you have to do the pedaling while standing up! If treadmills lessen the impact of your feet on the running surface, these trainers almost completely remove the impact. You can stride and glide without having to raise your feet from the pedals. The process gives you a more fluid movement and also enables your body to use less force.

Selling Gym Equipment

Barrys bootcamp complete workout system

Buy a system like Barry's bootcamp to get fit without taking up a lot of space in your home

When it comes to selling gym equipment, people have a variety or different reasons. Among the most popular is, of course, the fact that they just do not use it enough to justify the space it occupies. Others are simply upgrading. Regardless of your reasons, this guide is intended to help you get the most out of your sale.

The best place to begin is by finding some reviews online that talk about the pros and cons of your equipment. For instance, elliptical machine reviews might talk about how certain machines seem to last for ever, while others need regular maintenance. It is important for you to know this information because you can bet the person wishing to buy the equipment is going to also look for reviews, and you do not want to be surprised by any questions. Not to mention, if you find good reviews of the product you are selling, you can include them in your product description.

The next thing you will want to do, is take a complete inventory of the equipment you are looking to sell. The best way to do this is by giving it a good cleaning. Cleaning will not only add value to your equipment, but also allow you to better understand any potential issues that you can bring up to the buyer. Being up front about any problems or issues is always the best practice and will lead to fewer complications during and after the sale.

Once you have a good idea of what the community is saying about your equipment (reviews) and what the general condition is of the item, the next critical step is writing a good product description. You need to be as accurate as possible, yet also write a compelling description that will make your potential buyer become interested in your item. It is always a good idea to include a “call to action” (ie. must sell, call today, etc…). Following this, decide where you are going to advertise your gear. The local newspaper and Craigslist are terrific options , as the buyer will most likely be local (important for pick up/delivery). Ebay can also be a good option for many.

Finally, you will need to come up with a plan for delivering your item to the buyer. This may become more complicated if you are selling something like an elliptical machine or home gym. If you foresee this being an issue, offer to take a few dollars off the price for a pick up.