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What are the ideal running shoes for women?

womens running shoes

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Women runners can encounter foot injuries due to the circumstances of the land. They may encounter uneven pavement, potholes or invisible objects. Consequently, they must be careful about choosing their own running shoes for women.

These are the criteria that you should consider before purchasing your footwear :

Shoes use

How can you actively use your shoes? The woman who runs 25 miles or more per week should have more durable shoes than a woman who runs a shorter distance. Once you can answer that, start seeking a particular style of footwear that suits you. First, you need to answer “What type of journey I intend to use these shoes?” I will work on the pavement and gravel? They will be used on a road with a rocky terrain? Will I run in the rain? These circumstances would define the type of footwear that I need.


The most important question that woman’s shoe should answer is, whether or not it ensures the safety, durability and comfort, and if it’s made from quality materials to provide the needed support to the arch.


Your shoes should not feel as if they can slip during the movement. Since the shape of your body moves when you run, the heel should be well rolled between the feet and shoes, and should be able to absorb the shock on the joints.


You also need shoes with good air circulation. Without proper ventilation, your feet will be exposed to moisture in the shoe that encourages the growth of certain bacteria.


Choose a shoe that feels lighter. Even a good pair of shoes offered for sale with a cost of $ 50.00 – $ 100.00 would be perfect. These are relatively cheap, but they can do the deal. We could recommend you Adidas or Reebok running shoes if you want to make a good purchase.

Be rational while buying your shoes. You may be fascinated by the colors and sleek design, but remember that you should be looking for the right kind of shoes that insures support, cushioning and enough air flow.

How To Buy Your First Electric Treadmill

Bowflex Series 7 treadmill

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Many people who like to keep fit and have a regular exercise program enjoy using their own exercise equipment. Working out at home has many advantages compared to working out at a gym or health club. The main advantages are the convenience because you can work out any time of the day. You do not have to queue up and wait to get on your favorite electric treadmill as you have to do in a busy gym. Another big advantage is the cost as it can work out a lot cheaper buying your own exercise equipment. Although you have to outlay the initial cost first you will soon cover your costs and begin saving money compared to paying expensive gym fees each month.

If you decide to buy yourself a treadmill it is important that you take the time and do your research before you buy. You should see this as making an investment and one that you should invest wisely. Be clear about how you actually want to use your treadmill for. What exactly are your fitness goals? How often will you be using it? How much do you currently weigh? These will all have a factor in deciding the treadmill that you eventually buy. There are many brands that sell a whole range of different models with an array of features. Some you will find useful and others that will be of no use to you. Avoid buying an expensive machine with fancy features as you could find out later that you will not need them. You need to take the time to think through things properly.

Your budget is probably the biggest determining factor when it comes to buying a treadmill. You need to think about the machines durability and quality of construction. There are many machines that can impress you with their fancy electronics however, they are poorly constructed and you could end up with a machine that will give you plenty of treadmill repair problems. The last thing you want is to end up paying $500 on a machine that has broken down after 3 months.

If you are going to be working out every day and doing a lot of intensive routines such as running then, it is better to go for a brand like the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill that has a reputation for building strong machines that can take that sort of punishment. If you are going to use it occasionally for walking exercises then, you can opt for a cheaper lightweight machine. The most common sense advice to give is to buy the best that you can afford.

How the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Can Help You Lose Weight

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Trying to lose weight can be a very tough proposition for most people and that is why many people fail to reach and maintain their weight loss goals.

Many people make the mistake of using New Year resolutions to lose weight. The problem with resolutions is that they are not effective and that is why many of us rarely keep them. In reality resolutions are really just wishful thinking. Goals take more time to do because you have to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve them. You also have to give a deadline for each weight loss goal you set yourself. You also have to write them down and refer to them on a regular basis. The act of writing your goals has the wonderful effect of committing you to achieving them.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to take regular exercise. There are many different kinds to choose from but the most effective are aerobic type exercises. These are effective because they focus on strengthening your cardiovascular system which includes the heart, lungs and blood circulation. Aerobic style exercises can be described as taking short and intensive bursts of energy and they focus on increasing your heart rate which helps to burn the calories.

The key to achieving your weight loss goals is to follow through on them. Many people find it difficult to be motivated to keep going. However, there are ways that you can keep your goals on track. For example heart rate monitor watches such as the polar f11 or the polar rs100 have built in heart rate monitors and calorie counters that enable you to set your own daily and weekly goals. You can set these goals based on your heart rate target zone or the number of calories you burned off during each workout session. HRM watches like the Polar F11 also help you to monitor and track your fitness over time. In this way you can see how well you are progressing which is a great incentive to keep you motivated in achieving your weight loss goals.

Always consult with your physician if you have a health condition before changing or doing any form of new exercise.

Guide to Trail Running Shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Getting a pair of off road running shoes is a great investment if you’re spending time off the normal tarmac and wishing to get out and do some cross country running. Not only are they more able to stand up to the harsher environment that trail running delivers to your city sneakers but they are also a lot more able to protect your feet from damage and wet muddy conditions that lay underfoot. What’s the point in ruining a perfectly good pair of stability running shoes if you’re going to slog through track and quagmire for thrill seeking and exhilaration? I’ve a pair of what were my favourite Asics Gel Nimbus that were totally ruined from many trail running sessions during one incredibly wet spring. It may have been fun but 100 bucks down the drain because they just didn’t stand up to challenge.

So the best trail running shoes for women are Adidas Kanadia. I love these sports shoes as they are low profile which means your closer to the earth; they afford you the ability to be surefooted by being more in contact with the ground. You’re less likely to go over on an ankle whilst trail running, this is also due the wider sole as it gives more surface area to grip onto wet and muddy ground. The sole is also really good for traction. Adidas have made the Kanadia with a real rugged, indented sole; one that will really hold you fast to the ground.

Asics trainers have some really great trail running shoes, their Asics GT 2150 trail shoe is a real robust stability running shoe with all the features you want in a decent trail running shoe. They’re durable, with good toe protection, they have a nice upper that is easy to clean the mud from and dry quickly.

If you want to buy running shoes but are looking for something a little different then you should have a look at the barefoot running shoes. The Vibram Five Fingers or toes shoes are an ingenious approach to the idea of running. Vibram fivefingers have developed a number of designs from the KSO to the Bikila, all with the approach that it is much better for the body to be able to run in the way that evolution designed us. All we need is a good protective layer underfoot and we are able to run with the freedom of our childhood. The individual toes allow better grip to surfaces and the lack of padding in the heel prevents the body from being too comfortable in a heel strike pattern (not good for the body). Barefoot shoes allow the foot, ankles and lower leg to strengthen due to the engagement of muscles, giving us a greater sense of balance.

Whichever type of off road running shoes you decide on, traditional or new there is plenty on the market for you. Trail running can take over as a passion, the freedom of running in the wild gives energy and strength. Have a go with the barefoot running shoes and see if the 5 fingers can make your enjoyment even greater of the outdoors.

Guest Post by Anne Miller

Asics Gel Kayano 15 – The Best Running Shoes for Women

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe

Although the generation of women Kayano 15 Essex was on the market for more than a year now (release date was January 2009), it stills one of the best running shoes for women sold in the category of ladies shoes. In fact, in Amazon, it is now n. 1 in the running category of women shoes, as well as in the running footwear category. But what does make these shoes so popular? Why do runners continue to buy them? Should we buy them too?

In most cases, Kayano Essex 15 falls into the category of stability shoes. But what is a stability shoe?

You should know that most people (80-85%) are moderate overpronators. The arch rolls inward while running, and because of the knees and joints, the back of the leg tends to absorb the shock during the execution.

Overpronation can cause several injuries, so bringing the right kind of shoes can help prevent them. Stability shoes are built to reduce pronation. Essex Kayano 15 received the best of reviews (and continue to do so) for several reasons. As people like to increase the padding, Essex added more gel in the heel for startup. Thus, these shoes offer great cushioning effect that reduces pain after a good start. Many candidates recommend this shoe to extend over long distances. Others are so addicted to these shoes: they bought the Asics Gel Kayano 14 and now they have the 15 version. They wear this footwear everywhere, even in their job (and it seems they are very good if your job requires much standing and walking).

Asics Gel Kayano 15 women shoes are available in three attractive colors (white / orchid, white / ice blue, white / red).

In November 2009, a version of 16 Kayanos gel has been released, thus Kayanos generation 15 prices went down ever since. Now you can find these unique running shoes for women at discounted prices too (from $ 55.98), although some colors / sizes are sold outside groups.

A Perfect Road Bike Frame

The Complete Book of Road Cycling & Racing

The Complete Book of Road Cycling & Racing

A Perfect Road Bike Frame – is there such a thing? Probably not or every bike company in the world wouldn’t be spending tons of cash on R&D coming up with new and innovative designs from wild and exotic materials. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for BUT, you had better know what you’re paying for!

The perfect bike frame is really dependent on a number of variables so it’s really a relative term. Simple variables like what level of expertise you have as a rider; what kind of road biking you’re planning on doing; and more complex variable like altitude, road conditions, your body mass, strength, technique, etc. etc.

If you start looking for the ideal or perfect road bike frame you’re almost setting yourself up for failure form the get go. One of the most common complaints of riders getting competitive and serious about cycling is that there are too many bikes to choose from. Add to that the almost unlimited combinations of bike frames and accessories and you really get overwhelmed. Now every bike joke and retailer will have an opinion about which brand or frame is best. They’ll probably also want to tell you which suspension is best, and which brakes are best and so on and so on. And, in all likely hood those opinions are valid but, accepting any of them as your own really won’t have much of an impact effect on your riding. The reality is you are probably like most people who cycle – you’re a weekend warrior and a little fanatical about this hobby but in all honesty you’re a recreational cyclist like thousands of riders. So, back to the bottom line again – if you agree that your simply in this for fun. If you’re the kind of biker who cycles for exercise and signs up for the odd race that save your money. You really don’t an expensive or big name road bike frame. Just do a little research, ask some questions and make sure you’ve got a quality road bike that’s going to last and satisfy your needs.

Now, on the off chance you are one of those few who is truly serious about this whole sport called cycling and you’re maybe even shooting for pro than there are a few things about frames you’ll want to now about. You’re going to want to know more about materials and construction and the like. Todays advanced engineering gives us a variety of options. You can a Carbon Fiber Road Bike Frame, aluminum, steel or a Titanium Road Bike Frame. These four types are the most common you will see in any bike shop.

Which one is perfect for you? Well, that brings us full circle so you can just ride right on back to the first paragraph of this article for my answer! Take your time, read study and talk to as many experienced riders as you can. Join your local Bike Club, Visit other Bike Clubs to get even more ideas and perspective. All of this work will pay off and help you to choose the perfect Road Bike Frame for you.

New Fitness Fads? The Shake Weight and Zumba Fitness DVD

Shake Weight


Are you becoming bored with going to the gym every day and doing the same tiresome exercise routine? It’s almost certain you would like a little more variety and a workout that will help you tone up but be enjoyable and not as time consuming as your normal routine.

How about considering the shake weight dumbbell? The new dumbbell is aimed at women and assists them in firming their shoulders and arms. the inventor of shake weight dumbbells proclaims the weights are more effective than weight lifting at toning. A six minute workout instruction book is included with the weights explaining how to use them. Test have proven the shake weight dumbbells firms the arms burn more calories than standard free weights. You will be able to purchase these weights from department stores, sporting good stores, and pharmacies most anywhere. There are also weights available for men though the target audience is women. The difference in the men’s version of shake weights uses more resistance and weigh more. Shake weight reviews are positive about the product so they are worth a try.

Zumba Fitness DVD


Now, let’s examine another fitness craze on the market: DVD Zumba Fitness. Zumba Fitness is an efficient dance style cardiovascular workout routine that is actually enjoyable. You will find live Zumba and toning sticks included in the DVD. The Zumba Fitness DVD consists of one hour of instruction and demonstrates each step that is included in the other DVDs by breaking them into small segments so you can feel the full impact of the workout.The Zumba fitness videos include beginner, advanced, and rapido. A celebrity fitness trainer by the name of Beto Perez designed the Zumba videos. The workout,is made up of resistance training,slow rhythms, and fast tempos, The Latino style moves adds flair and enjoyment to the workout.

Many who used the DVD Zumba Fitness videos said it made them an addict. At last, everyone was able to ‘boogie down’ and not having to worry about feeling self-conscious about their looks. It helps there are other people in the same room to make it less intimidating.The workout is for all ages and fitness levels. If you you can shake your hips and keep up with beats,you can do Zumba!

Top 5 Workout DVD Buying Tips

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

You’ve made a commitment to get in shape by working out at home and building your own personal workout DVD library. But with so many videos to choose from how do you pick the good from the blah? Follow the workout DVD buying tips provided in this article to increase the chances of getting the best workout DVD for your needs.

1. Read reviews.

You can read reviews of workout DVDs by real users at and sometimes you get a sneak peak of the actual video so you can get a feel of the instructor’s training style.

2. Consider length.

If you can only work out for 30 minutes a day then do not buy a 65 minute workout DVD. This is easier said than done especially if the price is right and the instructor seems like someone you’d really enjoy. You are setting yourself up for failure if you buy a video that you can’t make the time to complete in its entirety. Only performing half of the video doesn’t allow it to deliver the promised results and usually means nixing the cool down.

3. Know the equipment requirement.

Be sure to read the equipment requirement of the workout DVD. Not surprisingly, many workout DVDs now incorporate some sort of resistance training along with the cardio workout. This could be in the form of free weights, kettle bells, or resistance bands. The last thing you want is a video that you can’t properly perform because you don’t have the right equipment.

4. Try it for free.

Found one you like? See if you can check it out from your local library. If they don’t have it in stock ask about its availability via inter-library loan. Once you get it, you can find out the true calorie burn of the workout DVD by wearing a basic Polar heart rate monitor during your test run. If you like the DVD, then you’re ready for the last tip.

5. Buy it used.

You can buy it used from or even a local discount retailer. When buying used be sure to check the return policy. If it’s damaged you want to have the option of getting your money back to buy the workout DVD elsewhere as opposed to just having store credit.