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Finding the Right Home Gym for Your Workout Routine

No matter what type of workout routine you have your equipment plays a huge role in your success or failure. We have all seen the movies where the convict is using his jail cell to get in top shape, or the boxer uses standard farm equipment to prepare for the fight of his life, or the martial artist is trained in brutal conditions in the jungle. While these techniques are great for Hollywood movies, in the real world these scenarios don’t always produce optimal workout results.

While it is true that the biggest part of success in any workout regimen is the discipline and determination of the participant, it does help to have workout equipment that enables you to reach those goals. There are several home gym machines that are prevalent in the marketplace and have been around for a while. Not all home gym machines are created equal, and it is important to do your homework before making a purchase to ensure the unit meets your needs.

Weider Home Gyms have been on the market for quite some time. They have a good reputation for building a quality gym set and their prices are reasonable. Gold’s Gym is another industry mainstay that has an established presence in the home fitness arena and a good reputation for building home gyms that last. One of the most unique home gym sources on the web is Second Wind Exercise Equipment. These guys have a unique business model wherein they purchase gently used fitness equipment from folks that have given up on their fitness goals or outgrown the exercise system they are currently using. Buy purchasing their inventory in this manner, the Second Wind Company is able to get equipment that is in really good shape for a fraction of the cost of the machine. They can then turn around and sell the equipment as discount home gyms and still make a significant profit.

If you are in the market for some type of a home gym system, take the time to go out on the Internet and research the above brands. They may have exactly what you need and at an excellent price.

Exercise Motivation with an Electric Treadmill

Execise Motivation book

Exercise Motivation I KNOW I SHOULD EXERCISE, BUT...7 Steps To Removing Your But From Exercise

Thanks to the electric treadmill, many people are able to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle that they otherwise would be unable to achieve. The average workday gets more and more time consuming and stressful. This eats up huge amounts of our time. Few people have the time and energy to go to the gym after they worked for eight to ten hours. But thanks to the multitude of modern home fitness equipment, people are able to work out from home.

Having their own treadmill at home increases the likelihood that people actually do work out. This leads to consistency: when people’s workout routines are not affected by things like bad weather or a tight schedule, they always find the time to work out for at least ten minutes per day. This is a great habit because it leads to consistency and that’s the number one thing that helps us to build up good habits.

Not being able to work out on a daily basis seems to be no big thing, but it can make a very big difference. Everyone knows this: we often get motivated about things and decide to do them every day (like drinking a cup of tea, taking a walk, getting our treadmill workout, writing in a diary, the list is endless). The most important thing in all these examples is that we actually do these things. We normally do that for one or two weeks. Than we have a bad day and decide to do it tomorrow. Here is where most people fall off track. If we can skip it on one day, we can skip it at another day too. We soon skip multiple days in a row and that’s enough to lose a good habit.

That’s exactly why an owning an electric treadmill is so great: there are few excuses not to use it.

Seated Row Exercise

Men's Health The Body You Want in the Time You Have: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Leaner and Building Muscle with Workouts that Fit Any Schedule

Men's Health The Body You Want in the Time You Have: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Leaner and Building Muscle with Workouts that Fit Any Schedule

A seated row exercise will work the muscles of the upper back, biceps and forearms. It is a fairly simple workout, and can be done in a variety of ways, performed either at home or at the gym.

A basic seated row exercise is done with a cable resistance system. Most gyms have these. At the end of the cable there will be either a straight bar or a V bar. There will also be a stability block for the feet. Grasp the bar with both hands, with the palms facing each other. Firmly plant both feet on the block. The arms should be extended, though not completely straight. Slowly bring both hands straight back. Return to the starting position slowly and in a controlled manner. Be sure to use the back muscles and not the arms for this exercise. Think of the arms as a simple connecting tool; they should not feel fatigued. Proper posture should also be maintained. This workout will keep constant tension on the back, forcing those muscles to work. It is helpful to have a training partner to help with these.

If one does not have access to a gym, seated rows can also be done at home. Rubber workout bands can be substituted for the cable system found in a gym. Some workout bands will have handles; others may just be long pieces of rubber – both will work. Find a comfortable place to sit; a yoga or exercise mat will work well. Select a workout band that is long and of the proper tension. Grasp the end of the band, one end in each hand. While balancing on the buttocks, place both feet in the middle of the resistance band. Bend the legs slightly; one should be able to hold this position. Without bending the arms, extend the legs while lowering the torso to about three inches from the ground. Repeat the motion by slowly returning to the starting position. This form of a seated row will also work the abdominal muscles in addition to the back.

By working out the upper back, one will achieve increased strength as well as a fit figure. A seated row exercise is one of the best and most basic workouts within posture exercises. Enjoy the added challenge of this exercise!

Body Solid G9S

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

Body Solid G9S Home Gym

Hate going to the gym? Is the hassle of sharing public gym equipment stopping you from working out? Maybe you just like to work out in the privacy of your own home? If you said yes to any of those, you’re probably looking for work out equipment for your home, something that is affordable, not too bulky and does the job of getting you in shape. Equipment that will allow you to stay fit and healthy. We all know that’s very important. There’s one name to look at the Body Solid g9s – one of the best names in home exercise equipment!

This home gym system not only allows YOU to work out, but two other people at the same time. With its 3 stationed work areas the whole family can enjoy an afternoon workout at the same time.  So imagine a Sunday afternoon with your two sons all working out in the privacy of your own home? Never having to adjust the equipment for you next work out, and being able to place our equipment in just a small portion of the room sounds like just a dream. Well it’s now a reality with the Body Solid g9s!

This Multi-Station Gym has three different workout areas, so that you can enjoy a totally work out that you would normally get at a private heath club for a price that is fitting. We all know that good quality comes at a price, and of course it is going to cost you but not too much. The price tag on this multi- stationed, new age work out equipment is normally $4,000. But you can save and get a good deal on that with a discount price f you click the image above.

Also upon purchasing you will be thrilled to know that it comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY respected by all distributors around the world.

This home gym was designed by professionals to be easy to use and give an effective workout to a whole family. So it is definitely worth looking into the Body Solid G9S!

Tennis Ball Machines

tennis ball machine

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

When playing tennis, it is important to regularly practice to help improve your skills. However, there is not always a partner available for you to practice with. Using tennis ball machines is a great way to practice without needing an additional player. There are many different kinds of tennis ball machines so you will need to find the right one that properly fits your training. When comparing machines, you should pay attention to general features like warranty, dimensions, and price. Specific features like power, oscillation, and propulsion are also helpful when measuring how far and fast the ball will travel.

First you should consider your budget and assess logical aspects like storing and housing. These machines aren’t like your sports bag, they don’t come cheap. The machine’s weight is also important because some may be quite heavy and difficult to carry around. You should also consider the ball capacity, which is the amount of balls that can be thrown at once. Most machines are not used to their full capacity, as many can hold 300 or more.

Balls are thrown by two spinning wheels that have balls fed to them by a conveyor belt. Pressurized air propulsion uses air pressure to shoot balls instead of wheels. The propulsion will greatly affect your playing speed, so advanced players should use more powerful devices.

Oscillation is the ability to propel the tennis ball in multiple directions. If your machine has random oscillation, then balls will be thrown in random order with no set of directions. This can help to simulate real-life playing when you do not know where the other player is going to hit. Programmable oscillation allows you to program a specific routine that will repeat once it is finished. The kind of oscillation your machine will have depends on your budget and the level of sophistication the tennis ball machine has, as oscillating ball machines are far more expensive than single throw devices.

Resistance Tubes

Set of 5 NEW Premium Latex Resistance Bands with free Door Anchor and Exercise Manual. Perfect for use with any home exercise or physical therapy

Resistance tubes or bands may seem too good to be true: they’re very simple, small, light in weight, affordable, and you can buy them just about anywhere. So what’s the big deal? Why do so many people not only use resistance bands, but rave about their effectiveness? And how can such a simple and lightweight object actually help you build any significant amount of muscle? Here’s a look into (and answer to) all of these questions.

First of all, you need to understand the basic structure of a resistance tube. These tubes are essentially hollow plastic ropes, or long, flexible plastic cords. They are made of very durable plastic and rubber that has just enough stretch and bend to serve as a flexible rope, yet they are tough enough that they resist (hence the name “resistance tube”) the force exerted when you pull on one or both handle of the tubing.

Resistance tubes are made with varying degrees of strength and tough-ness. The more they resist, the harder they are to pull on, and therefore, the harder your muscles have to work to do so. When you buy resistance tubing it comes in varying levels of resistance, usually measured in pounds, as in the weight equivalent of the resistance they provide. (For example, a five pound resistance tube doesn’t weigh five pounds, but it is designed to be as difficult to pull on as would be a tube with a five pound weight attached.)

People use resistance bands and tubes for many different reasons. They can help tone muscle, add muscle bulk, and burn fat. All of these are reasons to incorporate resistance tubing into your existing workout. They also make it easy to find new exercises to do, and because they are lightweight and small, they can easily be used at home, or even in the office for a discreet but invigorating workout during lunch or an afternoon break.

Resistance tubes are generally very affordable, and can either be bought individually or as part of a set, either with other resistance tubes or in a whole set of various exercise items.

Running Headphones

running headphones

Sennheiser PMX80 Eco Friendly Sport Headphones (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Running headphones aren’t made just for runners. They are also a perfect fit for people in need of a longer, tougher work-out, fitting perfectly with their work-out regime. The music coming from those running headphones help drive people to work harder and it makes exercise a more enjoyable experience. The music alone is beneficial to a work-out regime, but so are good quality headphones that won’t fly off the head with every movement.

It may be the music that spurs people to work hard in a work-out, but not all headphones will work well for this purpose. Ordinary headphones that are most often used with radios or MP3 players can become a hindrance rather than a help. They do have their purpose, but they are not designed to withstand all the joggling and jiggling people do when working out. Ordinary headphones were designed for bus-sitting, desk-sitting and beach-laying. Aside from walking, they are generally made to be worn in more sedentary situations. The ear buds on these headphones can, and often do, fall out when running or bending over and the headphones themselves can more easily slip off the head.

Running headphones, however, are made especially for runners and athletes of all kinds. They are designed to hold up well when people are active. Running headphones are light enough that the wearer barely knows he has them on. There is no added weight, or discomfort to his head, a distraction which could otherwise easily take him out of his “zone.” And there are some running headphones designed in a manner that does not absorb human sweat, which is inevitable with a good work-out. This adds significantly to the comfort and longevity of the headphones.

Runners love them because the stay firmly on the head and the runner doesn’t have to make constant adjustments. Quality sports headphones have the ability to absorb the physical impact of jogging and exercise, and they will serve the wearer well in the long run, making them a good investment.

Runners and all people who work out should always consider using the right equipment for their work-out or sport. This ensures them they are getting the most out of their time in exercise with their eyes clearly on the prize.

Guest Post from Running Headphones Central.

3 Exercises to Build Your Triceps

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women

If you are looking to build bigger stronger arms you need to work smarter and not just harder. The real secret to building bigger more powerful arms is focusing not on the biceps but actually the triceps. Your triceps are the largest muscle group of the arm. Spending more time on building that muscle and you will see fast results and increased power. Next time you go to train on your weight bench focus more on your triceps and a little less on your biceps.

It is important that we understand that there are three areas of the triceps that must be trained in order to build large powerful defined muscular arms. Lets review these areas and look at the most effective ways to train them.

Long head

This is the large muscle on the back of the arm which makes up the bulk of the triceps. Focus on overhead exercise where your arms are positioned by the ears.

Lateral head

The lateral head is located on the outside of the arm and is best worked by exercises where the upper arms are beside or behind your body like dips.

Medial head

The smallest muscle of the triceps located between the other two heads it is best trained with a straight leg tricep extension. Training the medial will help you create that strong hoarse shoe definition in the triceps.

There are three most do exercises for building your triceps the right way. These are challenging and some of the most effective lifts you can do that will dominate your triceps.

Triceps Push Ups

Assume the push up position with a medicine ball balance in the middle of your chest. Lower your body until your chest hits your chest and push up off the floor so your hands land on top of the medicine ball. Now lower your self while balanced on the ball. Complete three sets of 12.

Straight Leg Tricep Extension

Lie with your back and butt on an exercise ball. Using an underhand grip grab a straight bar set on the lowest pulley setting and with your arms above your head bend your elbows at down bring the bar to your shoulders.

Curl Push Downs

A great bonus workout when doing your biceps is curl a light weight for 8 to 12 reps focusing on pushing down as hard. This is a great way to train your triceps and warm them up before you start your triceps workout.

Using these exercises will take your arms and power to new levels. Bigger triceps will add power, strength, and definition to your arms. The triceps are crucial for building a better body and know you can build them in the most effective way possible. Take your triceps to a higher level when working out on olympic weight bench with these tips.

Swimming Fins

swimming fins

FINIS Zoomers Fins

To look around any beach on a sunny day, it’s easy to think that swimming fins were probably invented by a crafty marketer who wanted to sell a product for kids to play with in the water. But the design was actually first conceived, in a slightly different way, by Leonardo Da Vinci. And the actual design that our modern fins are based on was actually created and used by Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin loved swimming, and designed wooden paddles that he used with his hands to help him swim faster and with more strength. That basic idea gave birth to the fins that are commonly used today by people both playing in the water and doing some serious swimming and diving.

Aside from regular fins that people use during recreation, there are swim training fins that are designed for specific physical benefits. These fins are shorter and more compact than the big, floppy fins we’re used to seeing many recreational swimmers or even scuba divers wear.

The design is such that a training swimmer will quickly be able to detect problems with the way they kick that can lead to early fatigue in competitive swimming, or less speed. The use of the fins also helps build leg muscles and endurance. It can also help strengthen ankles and help competitive swimmers or people in physical rehabilitation to swim and get cardiovascular exercise without straining their upper body. Using these fins takes much of the work away from the shoulders and arms, so they’re good for people who have been injured or have weak upper body muscles.

Working the legs harder during exercise, as you do with swimming fins, also provides a better cardiovascular workout than one that works the arms and upper body harder instead. Swimmers use these fins to train, but anyone can benefit from training fins during exercise.

How a Protein Shake Helps to Build Muscle

Muscle Milk High Protein Shake Mix

Muscle Milk High Protein Shake Mix in 6 Great Flavors - Big Discount

If you’ve been working out a lot lately but aren’t sure how to build muscle quickly, you should take a look at your diet. Are you getting enough protein? Is the timing of your consumption correct? If you aren’t already doing so, you should strongly consider starting to take a post-workout protein shake on a regular basis.

Especially when taken right after working out, protein supplements can be an incredible boost to your system and help your body to build muscles much more quickly than it would have otherwise. This is because right after working out, you have 40 to 60 minutes to take in as much protein as is safely possible to get the maximum benefit for your muscles.

If you’ve been working out regularly already but haven’t seen the gains you’d hoped for, protein shakes are probably the missing ingredient to your overall fitness plans. Even if you’re getting enough protein in your normal diet (experts recommend about 1.6 grams of it per kilogram of body weight for active adults), you should restructure the timing of your protein intake to take advantage of the “magic window” of time that immediately follows high-intensity workouts.

This is because resistance training and endurance training both prime your muscles to take in carbohydrates, water, and protein much more rapidly than they do at any other time in the day. In other words, the timing of your protein consumption is just as important as the amount of that consumption.

If you aren’t sure whether you should add additional protein to your diet in the form of supplements like shakes or bars, you should use the above formula to calculate how much protein you should be taking in, and if you’re already getting enough or too much, scale back your intake from your main diet so that you can still add protein supplements for right after working out. Your muscles will thank you.

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