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The 5 Best Exercises to Lose Fat

The Biggest Loser Fitness Program: Fast, Safe, and Effective Workouts to Target and Tone Your Trouble Spots

The Biggest Loser Fitness Program: Fast, Safe, and Effective Workouts to Target and Tone Your Trouble Spots

If you want to shed weight like “The Biggest Loser” here are the 5 best exercises to lose fat and get lean. Find out exactly what exercises to do to help you lower your body fat percentage. All you have to do is to pick a few that you like and start doing them today!

Cardio interval training

Your days of long hours of boring cardio are over. All you have to do to burn fat is shorter cardio interval training sessions. They are so effective that you only need 20 minutes 3 times a week.

Weight training

Weight training tones and defines the body and sheds away a lot of fat in return. The act of building muscle also boosts your metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat.

Circuit training

Circuit training is super effective for burning away fat. It combines cardio training with weight training to deliver a super effective fat burning workout. You can find a circuit in most gyms and health clubs, or you can just make your own.

Kick-box aerobics / Taebo

If you are a bit more adventurous, you might want to give kick-box aerobics a go. It is a high intensity exercise that burns away a lot of fat. If you are new to it, make sure that you take things slow in the beginning.


What makes dancing such a good fat burning exercise is the fact that you can do it while having tons of fun. And if you enjoy an exercise you are bound to do it more often – making it more likely that you will burn fat that way.

All 5 of these exercises are excellent for burning off fat. Choose your favorite exercises and start implementing them today and you will start to burn calories and fat. Your diet is also very important if you want to lose fat. The best fat burning foods can help you to burn more fat with your diet. Here is one delicious recipe that contains fat burning foods.

Triathlon Shorts

Pearl iZUMi Mens Triathalon Tri Cycling Short

Pearl iZUMi Mens Triathalon Tri Cycling Short

A triathlon is a sport which requires immense physical strength as it consists of three different events – swimming, cycling and running. The selection of triathlon shorts play a very important role and directly affect the overall performance of an athlete.

There are different types of gear available in the market at various price and quality levels but you should buy the one which fits you comfortably. The selection of tri shorts should be such that you should be able to wear them for all the events. For example, if you select a loose short you may be comfortable with it while running but during swimming they will cost you valuable time. Similarly after swimming you will want your shorts to dry quickly so that you are comfortable wearing them for the next event. Hence the material of the shorts should be such that it dries quickly.

Should I go for a tri suit or shorts? This is a question asked most commonly by athletes participating in a triathlon. Although suits are comfortable they have their disadvantages over the shorts. Suits are more expensive as compared to shorts and you don’t need a suit if the water is not very cold. Secondly you can change your shorts quickly in case of emergency during the event which cannot be done by a suit as it will take more time.

Triathlon shorts could cost you around $40-$55 in the market, however there are more advanced products priced above $100 which offer additional features such as better fabric, better comfort and better speed in air and water. There are many places buy triathlon shorts online but my personal suggestion would be to go to a sports shop and pick up your shorts. The reason being that when you pick up a tri shorts the most important factor you need to check is how they fit on your body. If you buy tri shorts online make sure that the site has a good returns policy so you can easily send shorts back which do not fit well.

Also make sure you buy good quality triathlon shorts. Look for the features rather than deciding on price alone. Remember triathlon is an extremely high endurance race and it requires the best clothing gear to help you do your best.

How to Lose Weight through Exercise

Train Your Brain for Weight Loss (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Train Your Brain for Weight Loss

For many people struggling to lose weight the dieting part of weight loss is the easiest to do, believe it or not. This may not sound true, if you’ve been through many diets and struggle to lose weight. However, for many people, exercise is much harder to accomplish. Think about how many times you have tried to motivate yourself to go to the gym or stick to any kind of exercise routine. It is much easier to simply choose a meal which contains fewer calories than normal or snack on some carrots instead of potato chips. However, exercise is a much harder beast to tame. If you would like to know how to lose weight through an exercise program and stay motivated here are a few ideas.

Break up Your Exercise Routine

Finding an exercise program is usually the easiest thing to do. There are many exercises which can be performed to help you lose weight. The hard part is staying motivated and sticking to an exercise program. Often this can be overcome by simply breaking your program up throughout the day. Most people will exercise for one hour. It may be hard to stay motivated for an entire hour of exercise. If this is the case you may be able to break your exercise routine up into four separate 15 minute exercise periods throughout the day. You will not get as fit but you will burn just as many calories if you do that.

Exercise to Music

Also, to help stay interested while exercising you can turn to your trusty old MP3 player. Some people prefer to exercise in quiet solitude and use the time to think; however, many people would prefer to have some type of distraction while exercising. A good MP3 player can provide this distraction. If you love music then you can load up your favorite songs and listen to them while exercising which will help keep you motivated. Also, if you’re a fan of radio shows you can find radio programs and podcasts on nearly any topic. Losing yourself in an interesting radio show will make the time fly by while exercising.

Change Your Activity

Another great way to stay motivated through exercise is to vary your routine. Find several different exercises which you enjoy and rotate your exercise routine through them all. There are a number of different aerobic exercises which will help burn belly fat and can offer a great change of pace. Many people enjoy running or walking to burn calories. In addition, bicycling is a great way to see a variety of different scenery and burn calories. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can perform which burns fat and works almost the entire body. There are a number of different exercises which you can determine will fit into your lifestyle, and then you can simply perform each of these exercises on different days to help stay interested in your workouts.

Soccer Equipment and the 2010 World Cup

The ESPN World Cup Companion: Everything You Need to Know About the Planet's Biggest Sports Event

The ESPN World Cup Companion: Everything You Need to Know About the Planets Biggest Sports Event

The 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament is rapidly approaching, and the entire world is eagerly anticipating the most exciting sporting event on earth. For the first time in the tournament’s history, it will be held on the continent of Africa, in the nation of South Africa. The tournament kicks off June 11, 2010 with hosts South Africa playing Mexico. The 64 matches will take place over a month with the final being held July 11, 2010 in Johannesburg.

The main soccer equipment featured at the World Cup will be the soccer jerseys sported by the 32 nations, and the actual soccer ball used during the games.

The official soccer ball of the 2010 World Cup is called the Adidas Jabulani. Jabulani means “to celebrate” in the Zulu language. Zulu is one of the eleven languages spoken in South Africa, and this ball has eleven different colors to celebrate those eleven languages, the eleven distinct communities in South Africa and the fact that this is the eleventh World Cup that Adidas has designed the official ball for. This ball will be featured in the first 63 matches of the tournament.

Adidas also designed a separate ball that will only be used at the actual final match on July 11th, and that ball is called the Adidas Jo’bulani. This is a tribute to the city of Johannesburg (or Jo’burg as it is often called), where the final match will be played. The coloring is largely gold, which honors the golden World Cup trophy given to the winner of the tournament.

Each of the 32 nations will have an official “home” and an official “away” jersey for the tournament. Even though South Africa is the only true home nation, each game has a home and an away team, which explains the necessity of two jerseys. The vast majority of the jerseys are manufactured by three companies: Nike, Adidas, and PUMA, with a few other companies designing the remaining jerseys (notably England’s jerseys are designed by Umbro). If you’re looking to support your favorite nation during the tournament, the best way to do so, other than watching every minute of every game, is to buy their World Cup jersey and wear it proudly!

Womens Running Shorts

The Complete Book of Running for Women

The Complete Book of Running for Women

One of the best, and often times easiest ways to get in shape is running. Running helps promote cardiovascular health, and can create an easy path to staying fit throughout your life. Women, who are looking at running on a daily, or weekly basis, should consider the right equipment for the job. The first thing you’ll need to remember is that you can’t just go out there with any old shoes and start a campaign of running. You need to make sure that you are prepared, and your feet are safe with a good pair of running shoes. The second thing you need to be think about are womens running shorts.

For women unfamiliar with running shorts, they are not the same as short pants, or shorts in general. They are specifically made for active women that are planning on jogging or running on a regular basis. The materials used for shorts of this nature are light, breathe easily, and are sometimes as thin as swimming trunks. They are meant to absorb and release moisture, and keep the legs cool.

Womens running shorts come in a huge variety of colors and designs. Some are sponsored by professional athletes. If you are looking to run at night, or early mornings consider getting reflective materials or high contrasting colors that are visible in poor light, especially if running on or near roads.

Before you purchase or look at any running short, make sure to try them on the fit is quite different from other shorts. Running shorts tend to be shorter than other options. Make sure that if you get a looser fitting pair, that they are equipped with a drawstring that you can tighten and tie. After you’ve gotten the right size, you’re ready to start a good work out regimen.

Womens running shorts are sometimes overlooked, but if you ask women that have been running for sometime, they’ll agree that it’s a vital piece of workout gear. You wouldn’t go out running without a sports bra, good running shoes and socks, so why go forward without good running shorts? They aren’t expensive and can allow some much needed cooling in high heat.

It’s important to note, that shorts should not be utilized if there is extreme cold. While it is true that you’ll heat up as you run, wearing too little clothing while exercising in a colder climate could be detrimental to a runners overall health. If possible, consider utilizing running tights in conjunction with shorts, just to be on the safe side.

Taking the Stairs is a Great Weight Loss Tip

Fitness 9 to 5: Easy Exercises for the Working Week

Fitness 9 to 5: Easy Exercises for the Working Week

There are lots of ways to lose some weight and improve fitness at the same time. Some methods are commonly used, such as swimming, running, working out at the gym etc. Others are not so obvious, yet can be immensely effective when done regularly. One of these weight loss tips is to take the stairs whenever the opportunity presents itself. So here’s a look at taking the stairs and how you can turn this mundane task into a great way to lose weight.

Generally, people who work in offices tend to either work on a higher floor in their building or need to visit offices on different floors to their own during the course of the working day. Here is an excellent opportunity to turn a chore into a mini fitness routine that you can do every day. Instead of taking the elevator as so many often do, even when it means going up or down only one or two floors, take the stairs! Of course, we’re not suggesting that if you work on something like the twentieth floor that you should do the equivalent of scaling a mountain every day! But you could get out of the elevator two or three floors early and take the stairs the rest of the way. At first you’ll be a little out of breath, but if you start doing it every day, you’ll find that before you know it, you’ll be bounding up those stairs two at a time and feeling great.

The same goes for when you are at home, assuming you live in a house that has a flight of stairs of course. Instead of ambling painfully slowly over each step, change your pace and run up those stairs! The more you do it, the fitter you’ll become and your weight will start to drop off.

The reason running up and down stairs is such a great form of exercise is that it is cardio-vascular in nature, similar to aerobic exercises. The action forces you to use the large muscles of your legs to propel your body up or down the steep incline of the flight of steps. This makes your heart race and your breathing rate increase as your body demands a fast hit of energy to perform the strenuous task. The more often you do this and for longer, the more energy your body will use, which is taken from the level of blood sugar, depleting it and forcing your body to replace it from its store of fat in order for your muscles to continue working hard.

This not only leads to weight loss but also to a toning of the leg, buttock and torso muscles, meaning you’ll begin to look better in nice clothes. All in all, you’ll start to view those stairs in a whole new light now that you know this neat weight loss tip under your belt.

Getting Better Performance With Cross Country Running Spikes

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Developing a Successful Cross Country Program

Most people have heard of athletics running spikes or seen them on TV worn by sprinters in high profile competitions such as the Olympics. They are used by top athletes because they provide a lot more grip than normal running shoes. The added grip allows the runners to post better times and compete against other athletes more successfully. Running spikes also help in preventing injuries, because for a sprinter it would be catastrophic to explode out of the blocks at the beginning of a race and suddenly find one your feet slipping from under you. Apart from falling flat on your face and causing injury that way (and damaging your pride!), there is the ever present risk of strained and torn muscles.

The same thought processes need to be instilled in runners who train for competitions away from the track. Of course, road runners do not need spikes, as these can be very uncomfortable on hard ground, and in any case will not provide any extra grip, as they will not dig into the concrete surfaces. However, for cross country running, spiked running shoes can be invaluable.

Cross country running spikes can improve your running performance in the same way that sprinters’ spikes can. The improved grip will assist in the prevention of injuries and provide a more sound footing on what can be fairly challenging terrain. The pins themselves are longer than those used by sprinters as the softer ground will be more slippery. It is always best to opt for screw-in spikes rather than molded ones, like the blades that soccer players often use. This enables you to quickly change your spike lengths as necessary depending on the conditions. For example, just because you are running on the same cross country trail, it doesn’t mean the surface itself will always be the same. You’ll be more likely to need longer spikes after rainfall, when you will be toiling along slippery muddy tracks. Next week, it might be sunny and the trail might be substantially harder. Then you’ll be able to use shorter pins in this case.

The better performance you get with cross country running spikes will enable you to run with the security that you are not going to slip over every time you take a stride, and they will allow you to notch up far more competitive times if you are running against other athletes.

Using Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise (Discover the New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 lbs. Every Week)

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise (Discover the New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 lbs. Every Week)

If you are looking to make a change in your life and finally lose belly fat which has plagued you for years, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through exercise. With the right exercise regimen you can lose belly fat and keep it off. However, this will require a complete life change and the will power to keep these changes in place. This is where many people will fail. Many people get excited about a new weight-loss program and follow through religiously for a couple of weeks until they become bored. They then revert back to their old ways and put the weight back on.

In order to lose your weight you will have to make a total change in your lifestyle. This means completely changing the way you eat. You do not have to starve yourself or totally cut out foods which you love. This only means you need to start making smart decisions when it comes to the food you eat. You can occasionally splurge and enjoy whatever you want, as long as you regularly eat a low-fat diet the rest of the time.

This new lifestyle also will include exercise. Simply exercising every now and then is not the way to lose weight. You must develop an exercise routine which is challenging and fun which will keep you interested. This exercise routine must be followed each and every week whenever possible. The best way to do this is to schedule your exercise periods the same way you would schedule any other event in your life. This time should be set aside for exercising and nothing else.

Once the planning is done for your new lifestyle and your exercise period is in place, then you can focus on what types of exercises will best help you lose your belly fat. By far, the best exercises you can perform to lose your belly fat are aerobic exercises. You will need to increase your heart rate and keep it increased for a sustained period of time for the most benefit. Even a fast-paced walk can burn an extraordinary amount of calories. In order to stay interested in your exercise routine it is wise to vary exercises you are performing. Try to come up with five or six cardio exercises which you really enjoy. Then simply rotate these exercises on different days in which you exercise. This will help keep your workouts fun and interesting.

Exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight. Fad diets come and go; however, a large amount of exercise can overcome even the worst eating habits. By combining good eating habits and exercise you are sure to lose that belly weight.

Using Interval Training to Workout Quickly

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise

Many people who work full-time jobs find it hard to squeeze in a few hours during the work week to exercise – they don’t want to get up any earlier than they have to to get to work on time, and they’re exhausted after work. However, I have talked with a few personal trainers who have explained the success they’ve had talking clients into dedicating just 20-30 minutes a day, two to three times a week to high intensity interval training workouts.

The exact formula that different fitness websites will list out for interval training times will vary greatly, but the basic idea is to work at about 90% of your maximum for a minute or two, then slow down to allow your body time to recuperate, before sprinting all out again. I say sprinting, but high intensity training cardio training can be used on any cardio machine, from stationary bikes to stair machines to ellipticals, or any non-gym workout like swimming or roller skating.

The only requirement is that you need to be able to press hard enough at whatever activity you’re doing to get your heart pounding and your body sweating with the effort. I’ve found it difficult to reach 90% exertion through the elliptical machine and swimming, for example, but it is definitely possible. You need to reach this level of difficulty at least three to four times during your workout for the interval training to be effective, but you can go on, sprinting and resting, as many times as you are able.

In twenty minutes, most people are able to get through about four high intensity periods, which is enough to make a difference in your cardiovascular health over time. The great thing about this type of workout, unlike distance running, for example, is that the better you get at your activity, you don’t have to dedicate any more time to the activity if you don’t want to. Simply ramp up the speed of your workout, lengthen your high intensity period, or shorten your “rest” periods to increase the difficulty and strengthen your body.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) also burns many times the calories as a steady jog would, in the same amount of time, which will help you keep the pounds off. Burning fat through interval training is very effective, particularly for people who are short on free time.

Choosing A Bench Press Bench

Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench (CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS)

If you are starting to work out at home, one of your first purchases after a decent set of weights should probably be a bench press bench. There are a number of cheap bench press options available in local sports shops and online, but wherever you buy, you should choose carefully.

You can buy a bench, with or without a rack. It may seem to be the cheaper option to buy the two together as a bench press set, but the truth is that it may not always be the best way to go depending on your budget. If you look at each particular bench press bench for sale that comes with a rack, you will see that a number of them do not make it easy to replace the bar. It may be better to buy a bench press with no squat rack and then buy that separately so that you can get a rack that is more suitable for you. The problem is that after a set of bench presses you may not have the energy to raise the bar to rest it, especially if you are a beginner.

If you buy the bench then a squat rack, it may be safer. Better yet a power rack. The main advantage with a separate rack or power rack is that you can set the pins low. This means you lower the bar on to the pins rather than have to raise it to put it on the rack that is with a bench. It may be a little more expensive to go down this route but it is certainly worth considering.

If you do not have the money to buy a bench press and rack separately then just be sure to never go full out with a bench press set or squat set. Always keep something in reserve so that you are able to place the bar back easily. The last thing you want is to get stuck underneath the bar and not be able to put it back up on the rack safely.

This is just something to think about before making a purchase. There is nothing wrong with a bench press with squat rack included as long as you remember that you need to be careful in your training.

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