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Is Your Job Getting in The Way of Your Fitness Plans?

883122_full_folder_1.jpgWhen I was a project manager a few years ago, working flat out, I often didn’t make a gym session I’d planned. Sometimes I didn’t make the three gym sessions I planned for the whole week.

Either there would be a sudden meeting called about some triviality over lunchtime (my gym time) or there’d be a real crisis that needed dealing with.

When I got home I’d be too tired to go out again and there was only once I was organized enough to go to the gym in the morning before work.

Now that I work from home and set my own timetable I have to find other excuses 🙂

But seriously, if you are going to get a fit, healthy toned body you have to find some way to fit exercise in around your work and the rest of your life.

There is no way you are just going to “find” the time to exercise – it has to be found. You are not going to get more than 24 hours in a day so if you want to spend an hour exercising, then something that you were going to spend an hour on is not going to get done. You get to decide what that is – although your boss may have something to say about it if you decide it’s an hour of work!

What are you prepared to give up to feel fit, toned and top of the world?

An hour of rubbish on TV? An hour of lounging about? An hour on the phone or PC? An hour of sleep?

Maybe when I worked in that office I should have always had a plan B for my lunchtime exercise – and followed that Plan B no matter what. I just didn’t get around to it and exercise time was always the first thing to suffer when I got busy – which was most of the time.

I do know that this was one of the many reasons I left my job in the end. Some things are just too important to ignore.

Why Separate Cardio and Weight Training?

816522_pink_fitness_center.jpgIt feels great to get your workout over and done with in one session by combining a cardio and muscle training session at the gym.

But if you would like to burn maximum fat, get fit AND strengthen up you are better to work on your fitness and on your muscles in separate sessions rather than working them both on the same day.

That’s because research has shown overall calorie expenditure to be greater when you separate your workouts. It seems you get a metabolic boost each time you work out – and so combining sessions is counter-productive if you want to burn fat.

If you have too many time constraints to work out on separate days, be sure to carry out your weight training first while glycogen stores are highest to make better gains in strength.