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Fitness – How to Get Results

866529_feedback_form_excellent.jpgYou know, every time I follow a plan, ANY plan, for achieving fitness I get great results. Within weeks or even days I can feel the difference.

Any time I don’t follow a plan, I don’t see much improvement!

Funny that!

It’s so easy to have a vague idea about getting in shape, losing weight, running a 5K.

But it’s only systematic day after day effort which makes any difference.

Are you hoping for results and doing the odd fitness session?

Are you playing the odd game of tennis or baseball “when you get time”?

Or are you actually following a plan to achieve the results you want?

Breathing Exercises For Your Lungs

262068_chest_xray.jpgUnless you’ve been through formal fitness testing you may have never thought about your lung capacity.

According to Jolie Bookspan in her article Do Breathing Exercises Work? it used to be thought that this was something you could do nothing about – that your lung capacity was inherited. And people also thought that lung capacity would deteriorate with age.

But that’s just not the case – you can improve your lung capacity (and with it your endurance) with breathing exercises and maintain your lung capacity well into old age.

Breathing exercises do not need formal training – even the act of taking conscious deep breathes at odd moments in the day will help. And you can get more practice by blowing up balloons and beach balls. (Jolie had her exercise students attempt to blow up those huge exercise balls!)

Of course aerobic exercise of every kind helps – as well as laughing and singing! For more info see Jolie’s articles about breathing on the Healthline blog