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If you're looking for the right fitness equipment to get fit fast without spending an arm and a leg (or a heap of time) in tracking down just what you need, we can help.

We have done the hard work in seeking out the best home gym equipment at the right prices so that you don't have to.

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The Fitness Equipment Quiz

To help you find the right exercise equipment take our quiz Which home gym equipment is right for you?

It will tell you whether you should be looking at multi-gyms or treadmills, elliptical trainers or exercise bikes? A skipping rope, exercise ball and set of dumbbells may be just right! We look at your budget, your aims, your circumstances and your space to help you decide.

The truth is there is so much exercise gear out there in every price range that it gets pretty difficult to choose one piece of fitness equipment over another. The best equipment depends on your particular needs but we are here to point you in the right direction so that

Fitness Equipment Buying Guides

You'll find lots of information about the very best fitness equipment online on this site but you can also print out one of our independent and comprehensive buying guides to read at your leisure

We will be publishing more guides every month including guides for exercise bikes, exercise balls, multigyms and rebounders. If you would like to stay informed please join our mailing list - when you do you also receive a free ebook as a gift from us "101 Best Fitness Tips Ever".

Meanwhile you'll find detailed information and equipment reviews on the following home exercise equipment right here on the site along with our recommendations in each price range for the very best in fitness equipment

Treadmills What to look out for and what to beware of (Don't set your heart on a particular treadmill without reading what to beware of in your search). What the various features mean and which ones are not worth the money.

Elliptical Exercise machines Choose well and you have a great piece of exercise equipment always on hand. Choose badly and you have an expensive place to dump your clothes at the end of the day. Read our guide to tell the difference.

Heart Rate Monitors. Why you should or shouldn't buy a strapless heart rate monitor. Why it's sometimes best to buy a cheap heart rate monitor and why a more expensive one is worth it for some.

As we review fitness equipment in additional categories and analyse our findings we will add these to the site to provide you with a comprehensive review of the very best exercise equipment (while steering you away from the worst)

Using Your Exercise Equipment

There's nothing worse than a piece of home fitness equipment lying unused and gathering dust. Instead of improving your health it makes you feel worse by giving you a guilt trip every time you see it. Of course, it all starts with selecting the right gear in the first place - the home exercise equipment that will be a joy to use and not a pain (literally) in the rear end.

The best fitness equipment, is the equipment you'll actually use

Once you have selected well (we will help!) you want results from your home gym fitness program to keep up your motivation. We can help you make the most of every piece of equipment we recommend with our special guides. So far there are three with many more to follow.

For details see the sections on Elliptical trainers, Treadmills and Heart Monitors

Exercise and Fitness Equipment Reviews

We do thorough research on every piece of fitness equipment we review - including getting and analysing every scrap of information we can and looking at what real users (including those who have to repair it!) think of the equipment.

Our aim is to sift through all the tons of information and mis-information there is about fitness equipment so that you don't have to.